The Nonclinical Biostatistics Scholarship


The Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group of the Biopharmaceutical Section of ASA is pleased to announce a scholarship program, open to students in US graduate programs. The 2021/2022 applications are now closed.

Envisioned disciplines include (bio)statistics, data science, engineering, or related fields. We invite a student and faculty member, and optionally an industry co-mentor, to submit a research proposal addressing a topic in nonclinical biostatistics. For a description of nonclinical biostatistics, please explore the links below. The proposal should lead to a suitable publishable manuscript. The scholarship provides up to $15,000 in total, with at least $10,000 going directly to the student, with the balance available to the faculty mentor, subject to 10% Rutgers overhead. Applicants without a named industry co-mentor will be assisted in locating one by the scholarship steering committee. The directing professor and student will receive free admission to the 2023 NCB conference and will make either an oral or poster presentation at the conference. The research will be published in the Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research (SBR) special NCB conference issue subject to the normal refereeing process.

Students from currently underrepresented groups in the nonclinical biostatistics community are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested applicants should submit the following by email to the committee chair, John Kolassa:

  1. Names and contact information for the student, faculty sponsor, and industry mentor.
  2. A research proposal of no more 1000 words.
  3. Student CV and transcript.
  4. Anticipated period of research. Specify that the research will be conducted over a summer, a semester, or longer.
  5. A plan for allocating the funds.

For additional information, please see:

  1. A discussion of the Nonclinical Biostatistics Field in the Spring 2021 Biopharm Report
  2. Nonclinical Biostatistics LinkedIn Group
  3. Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference with Past Presentations
  4. ASA Biopharmaceutical Section and the Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group