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The Stan Altan Nonclinical Biostatistics Paper

Award description:  An award plaque will be presented to the winning author (or co-authors) at the 2025 Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference at Rutgers University.

Scope:  All eligible papers must have been published in English in refereed journals and address a relevant topic in “nonclinical biostatistics”.   For some examples of relevant topics, please refer to the recent book by Zhang (2016), Nonclinical Biostatistics for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries.  Only papers that have been published (or finally accepted by the journal editor for publication) between January 1st, 2018 and March 1st, 2025 are admissible for submission. 

Submission Details:  Please send a .pdf copy of the paper to:  Tony Pourmohamad (Genentech).  Send contact information for all of the co-authors (e.g. e-mail addresses).   Paper nominators can be one of the paper’s authors or someone else. 

Submission Deadline:  March 15th, 2025.  

Previous winners

About Stan Altan

Throughout his career, Stan Altan has been a champion of every aspect of the broad range of statistical methods used in nonclinical research.  His vision of unifying the practitioners of nonclinical statistics and emphasizing the critical impact of statistics in every key process in drug development outside the clinical arena has left its mark on our industry.  To acknowledge his lifelong commitment and substantial impact on the discipline of nonclinical statistics we recognize the best publication in nonclinical biostatistics with the Stan Altan Nonclinical Biostatistics Paper Award, which is presented at the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference.

  • The NCB conference was Stan’s brainchild to discuss all the exciting new methods emerging in our field.
  • Stan was a founding member of NCBLF, a critical forum for sharing best practices amongst the leaders in our field.
  • Stan pointed out the NCBLF served a separate purpose from promoting new methodology, which needed to include all practicing nonclinical statisticians and should be separated  from the NCB Conference.
  • Stan has been a driving force at every NCB Conference as well as across our industry
  • Stan served as SBR editor as well as editor to special SBR editions for the NCB conference

Stan Altan

Nonclinical Biostatistics Excellence Award

Eligibility: The award is limited to current NCBLF and NCBWG members.  Award winners from previous years are ineligible.  Current NCBLF steering committee members are also ineligible.


Criteria: The recipient will have made a significant impact towards achieving NCBLF objectives, given here.


2022 Stan Altan (Janssen)