Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group

NCBWG:  Student and Young Professional Outreach

2017 Student poster winners
2017 NCB Conference
Student poster award winners
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2019 NCB Conference
Student poster award winners
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In early 2018, the ASA-BIOP Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group (NCBWG) endorsed the creation of a new workstream to reach out to graduate students and young professionals who are interested in nonclinical biostatistics.  Broadly speaking, nonclinical biostatistics includes four main areas of application: Discovery, Safety, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC), and –Omics.  Learn more about nonclinical biostatistics by clicking here.

At the Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference, to be held in June 2023, we will offer a student poster competition Poster templates (36" x 48") may be downloaded here.  The first-place award is $250; the second-place award is $150.  Posters will be judged on content, presentation, and contribution to a biopharmaceutical topic. Judges will review all posters and decide on award recipients.  A limited number of financial travel grants are available to full-time students, with preference given to registered students presenting a poster in the area of nonclinical statistics.  Contact Jyh-Ming Shoung or Wei Zhao for additional details or to apply for the student travel grant.  For some oral presentation tips, click here.


  • Enrich students with information and insights with regards to the incredible opportunities in the area of nonclinical biostatistics.
  • Support the Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference.  
  • Provide a forum for students and young professionals to actively engage in ASA-BIOP activities.
  • Help bridge the academic-industry divide by providing a dialogue among a diverse community of students, young professionals, and industry veterans.

Job Skills
What skills do I need for a job in the biopharmaceutical industry?  Take a look at recent nonclinical statistics job descriptions here.

Please visit AmStat Job Web to see current job postings.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact our co-chairs Jyh-Ming Shoung or Wei Zhao.