Executive Committee

Executive Committee, Representatives, Appointees (2023)


Past Chair (2022 Chair) Alan Hartford Clene, VP, Biometrics
Chair 2023 Brian Millen Biogen, VP,  Head Biostatistics and RWDA
Chair Elect 2023 Ted Lystig BridgeBio
Secretary 2021-2023 Inna Perevozskaya GSK
Treasurer 2023-2025 Emily Butler ProKidney, VP
Past Program Chair Freda Cooner Eli Lilly
Program Chair 2023 Elena Polverejan J&J
Program Chair-Elect 2023 Bo Huang Pfizer
CoS Representative 2021-2023 Mark Levenson FDA
CoS Representative 2022-2024 Janelle Charles  ICON plc
CoS Representative 2023-2025 Meg Gamalo Pfizer
Publications Officer 2022-2024 Hiya Banerjee Novartis
At large Member (2021-2023) Martin Ho Google
At large Member (2021-2023) Pallavi Mishra-Kalyani FDA CDER
At large Member (2022-2024) Dawei Liu Olympus Corporation of the Americas, Global AI Lead
At large Member (2022-2024) Nadia Daizadeh  Novartis, Senior Director Biostatistics
At large Member (2023-2025) Adrian Coles BMS
At large Member (2023-2025) Xian Zhang CSL Behring
Regulatory Industry Stats Workshop (RISW)
Industry Co-chair Fanni Natanegara Lilly
FDA Co-chair Erik Bloomquist FDA
NonClinical Biostatistics Workshop (NCB)
Chair Xin Huang AbbVie, Associate Director, Statistics
Publications -- Biopharm Report
Editor Ling Wang Alkermes
Associate Editor Meijing Wu Sanofi
Associate Editor Donghui Zhang Sanofi
Distance Learning
Past Chair (2022) Xiaofei Wang Duke Cancer Institute
Chair 2023 Vivian Yuan i-Mab Biopharma
Associate Chair (Chair 2024) Herb Pang Genentech
Member (Associate Chair 2024; Chair 2025) So Young Park Lilly
Social Media Chair Yu Du
Podcast Co-chair 2023 Amy Lalonde Lilly
Podcast Co-chair 2023 Christina Nurse Takeda
Webmaster Max Tolkoff Takeda
Fellowship Committee
Past Chair (ending Q1 2023) Bruce Binkowitz Arcutis
Chair 2023 Weili He Abbvie
Student Paper Award Committee
Chair 2023 + 2024 Lanju Zhang Vertex
Member Yang Chen Vertex
Member Yu Du Eli Lilly
Member Jianchang Lin Takeda
Member Meijing Wu Sanofi
Contributed Presentation Award Committee
Chair 2023 Martin Dunbar
Member Jongphil Kim Univ of South Florida
Member Paramita Saha Chaudhuri Univ of Vermont
Contributed Posters Award
Chair 2023 Bo Huang
Member Yilong Zheng Meta
Member Dong Xi Gilead
Scholarship Award
Chair 2024 Wenting Cheng Biogen
Member, Chair 2025 Bruce Binkowitz Arcutis
Member, Chair 2026 Rebbecca Wilson Janssen
Past Chair (2023) Jared Lunceford Merck
Membership Committee
Chair 2023 Judy Li Celgene
Member  Jingjing  Gao Alector
Member  Jun Park Merck
Member Veena Somayaji Pfizer
Mentoring Committee
Past Chair (2022) Sourav Santra
Chair 2023 Rebbecca Wilson Janssen
Member Dong Xi Gilead
Outreach and Collaboration Committee
Past Chair (2022) Liang Fang Nuvation Bio
Chair 2023 Hrishikesh Kulkarni Alexion
Member (2023 Co-chair is Section Chair-elect) Ted Lystig Bridge Bio
Member Wendy Weng Gilead
Next Generation Stewardship Committee
Past Chair (2022) Brian Millen Biogen
Chair 2023 Freda Cooner Arcutis
Member (Chair 2024) Emily Butler Prokidney
Member (Chair 2025) Bruce Binkowitz Arcutis
Leadership in Practice
Chair 2023 Veronica Bubb Abond CRO
Member (Chair 2024/ Chair-Elect 2023) Claude Petit Astellas
Member  Emily Butler ProKidney
Member  Andy Chi Takeda
Member  Shanthi Sethuraman Lilly
Past Chair (2022) Rakhi Kilaru PPD
Lisa Chiaccherni Lupinacci (2021)
Abie Ekangaki (2019-2020)
Committee on Scientific Working Groups
Past Chair (2022) Jennifer Gauvin Novartis
Chair 2023 Brian Waterhouse Merck
Co-Chair (Chair 2024) Yodit Siefu BMS
Member (Co-chair 2024) Gitanjali Paul GSK
Funding Committee
Chair 2023 (Section past-chair) Alan Hartford Clene
Member (Section Treasurer) Emily Butler ProKidney
Member (appointed) Sheela Kolluri Pfizer
Statisiticians in Small Biotech
Past Chair (2022) and continuing Member Liang Fang
Member Alan Hartford
Chair (2023) Mohamed Hamdani
Jingtao Wu Kira
Alan Chiang Lyell
Emily Butler ProKidney
2023 Scientific Working Groups
Alzheimer's Working Group (Co-Chair) Steve Wilson FDA, Consultant
Alzheimer's Working Group (Co-Chair) Hong Liu-Seifert Eli Lilly & Company, Senior Research Advisor
Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group (Chair) Eve Pickering Pfizer, Group Head, Nonclinical Statistics
Oncology (Co-chair) Olga Marchenko Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Head, Therapeutic Area Statistics of Pulmonology, Anti-Infectives, Ophthalmology, and Women’s Health
Oncology (Co-chair) Qi Jiang Seattle Genetics, Vice President, Biometrics
Pediatrics (Co-chair) Margaret Gamalo-Siebers Pfizer, Senior Director
Pediatrics (Co-chair) Mark Rothmann US Food and Drug Administration, CDER, Supervisory Mathematical Statistician
Real World Evidence (Co-Chair) Jie Chen
Real World Evidence (Co-Chair) Hana Lee FDA
Real World Evidence (Co-Chair) Yixin Fang
Safety Scientific Working Group (Co-Chair) Bill Wang Merck & Co., Executive Director, Clinical Safety Statistics, BARDS
Safety Scientific Working Group (Co-Chair) Jim Buchanan
Safety Scientific Working Group (Co-Chair) MengChun Li, M.D.
Software (Co-Chair) Kyle Wathen Gilead, Senior Director
Software (Co-Chair) Alex Dmitrienko Mediana Inc, President
Software Engineering SWG Chair Daniel Sabanes Bove Roche Product Development Data Sciences
Software Engineering SWG Co-Chair Ya Wang Gilead 
Estimands in Oncology (Co-Chair) Evgeny Degtyarev Novartis, Director, Biostatistics
Estimands in Oncology (Co-Chair) Kaspar Rufibach Roche Product Development Data Sciences, Expert Statistical Scientist in the Methods, Collaboration, and Outreach (MCO)
CSM/QTL ESIG (Co-Chair) Tim Rolfe GSK
CSM/QTL ESIG (Co-Chair) Susan Talbot  Amgen
Re-randomization  Yeh-Fong Chen FDA