Leadership-in-practice Committee


  • Provide visibility to existing leadership development initiatives within the Biopharmaceutical Section (BIOP)
  • Promote and enable interactive leadership development training programs
  • Bridge the gap between BIOP leadership development programs and other ASA leadership initiatives

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LiPCom Charter

2022-2023 LiPCom members:

Chair:  Rakhi Kilaru
Chair-Elect: Veronica Bubb
Members: Emily Butler
Shanthi Sethuraman
Claude Petit
Simon Davies
Andy Chi
Past Chairs: Lisa Chiacchierini Lupinacci
Abie Ekangaki



2021-2022 LiPCom members:

Chair:  Lisa Chiacchierini Lupinacci

Member:        Rakhi Kilaru

                      Emily Butler

                      Veronica Powel

 Past Chair:   Abie Ekangaki



2019-2020 LiPCom members:

Chair:  Abie Ekangaki

Member:        Lisa Chiacchierini Lupinacci

Rakhi Kilaru

                      Emily Butler

                      Veronica Powel