Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group

Objectives    Activities   Steering Committee

 of the Nonclinical Biostatistics Working Group (NCBWG) 

  • Promote the theory and applications of nonclinical biostatistical disciplines through scholarly activities, including publication of journals in statistics and probability, scientific meetings, and other educational programs
  • Broaden applications of nonclinical biostatistical techniques in all areas of society, including industry and government
  • to promote better understanding and interest by the general public in nonclinical biostatistical methodology and related applications
  • Promote better communication through the development of standards and common terminology
  • Foster cooperative efforts among educational, research, industrial, and governmental personnel in non-clinical statistical activities

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NCB Conference

Xin Huang (AbbVie)

John Kolassa (Rutgers)

Student Outreach

Jyh-Ming Shoung (Janssen)

Wei Zhao (Fate Therapeutics)

Stan Altan Best Nonclinical Paper Award

Angel Lu (PharmaLex)

Communications & Public Outreach

Scott Clark (Eli Lilly)

Nonclinical Statistics Scholarship

John Kolassa (Rutgers)

p-value workstream

Stan Altan (Janssen)

Nonclinical Bayesian workstream

Paul Faya (Eli Lilly)

Yushi Liu (Eli Lilly)
Tom Bradstreet (BMS)

Steering Committee

Eve Pickering (chair), Pfizer

Mandy Bergquist, GSK

Xin Huang, AbbVie

Chi-Hse Teng, Novartis

Mariusz Lubormirski, Amgen

Steven Novick (past chair), AstraZeneca

Scott Clark, Eli Lilly

For information about the NCBWG, please contact the Chair: Eve Pickering