Health Technology Assessment Scientific Working Group

Welcome to the home page of the Health Technology Assessment Scientific Working Group (HTA SWG).  

Our goals are to:

       Advance the understanding of the HTA research in a precompetitive space.

       Focus and address the statistical aspects of RWE research in HTA submissions.

       Explore innovative study designs incorporating HTA requirements.

       Where appropriate, develop statistical methodologies for evidence synthesis, methods incorporating the use of RWE in HTA submission, and other relevant advanced analysis approaches.

       Educate the broader statistical community to understand and contribute to this important area.

       Increase statisticians’ leadership roles in cross-functional collaboration.

       Communicate statistical perspectives to Health Authorities and larger clinical community.


The HTA SWG was co-founded by Weili He, Min-Hua Jen, and Cornelia Dunger-Baldauf in early 2023 and we formally kicked off the SWG in June 2023.

Expectations for members:

  • Have experience in HTA research
  • Have strong technical skills and strategic thinking
  • Have time to take part at working group meetings and complete necessary tasks
  • Contribute actively

For more information, please contact SWG co-chairs:  Weili He at, Min-Hua Jen at, Cornelia Dunger-Baldauf at