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The YouTube channel was set up in early 2019 to create a new online platform to benefit the membership in addition to the Section’s webinar series, podcast series and online training program. The channel will help expand the Section’s capability for efficient communication and provide educational opportunities and training. Videos are being recorded on several important biostatistical topics such as adaptive designs and clinical trial simulations as well as other topics, including leadership and history of biostatistics. This outlet will also allow BIOP section chairs to provide information and key updates to members, as well as grant JSM session organizers the opportunity to create awareness of their sessions and related initiatives. In addition, we are currently developing a plan to record keynote presentations and selected sessions at conferences sponsored by the Section and make them available to our members via this channel.

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In addition to the individual videos, the channel features playlists on popular biostatistical, leadership and other topics. More playlists will be added in the future.


Leadership in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Author: Abie Ekangaki (Premier Research)

Description: This series offers an avenue to explore the multiple facets of what leadership means for statisticians in the biopharmaceutical industry. It portrays leadership not as a position of authority but more so, as an individual skill that remains a crucial expectation of biostatisticians, despite having little to no formal leadership training as part of their degree programs. Statisticians are exposed to ideas on how to establish their individual leadership journey, how to navigate discourse in order to influence and are given insight into the type of leadership philosophies that could impact their leadership ability.



Simulating Adaptive Clinical Trials – Where to Start and How to Expand

Author: J. Kyle Wathen (Johnson & Johnson)

Description: This series introduces the concept of adaptive clinical trial simulation and custom R source code development. Through a sequence of examples, this series will begin at a simple clinical trial and progress to complex design concepts including platform trials. The videos will alternate between explanations of key concepts and hands on R development utilizing R Studios. Each example will provide a new concept or skill to increase the viewers understanding of clinical trial simulation.



Biopharmaceutical Section’s Online training program

Author: Alex Dmitrienko (Mediana Inc)

Description: This series introduces the Section’s online training program. The online training program provides a convenient and inexpensive way to register for longer courses that provide in-depth overview of key topics in biopharmaceutical statistics. Free preview of two online courses is included. For more information on the program, visit its web page [].


 History of Biostatistics

Author: Jonathan L. Moscovici (IQVIA)

Description: This series of short videos will take a look at the history of biostatistics from Ancient Writings to the 20th century. Across several time periods (Ancient times, 18th century, 19th century and 20th century), there have been many changes in statistical ideologies and theories, especially with regards to medicine, but there has also been some continuity (i.e. population-based focus). This series will attempt to bring to light the events of each period that held significance towards our common-day understanding of biostatistics.

Link: To be released soon


Clinical Trial Simulations Based on the Clinical Scenario Evaluation Framework

Authors: Alex Dmitrienko (Mediana Inc), Gautier Paux (Sanofi)

Description: This series will introduce a popular approach to designing clinical trial simulations known as the Clinical Scenario Evaluation (CSE). The general CSE framework encourages trial sponsors to perform a structured quantitative assessment of candidate trial designs and analysis methods in clinical drug development. Simulation-based approaches will be illustrated using a number of common settings that arise in late-stage trials. The series will introduce the R package (Mediana) that was built around the CSE framework and has been used to support efficient clinical trial simulation in dozens of Phase II and III trials.

Link: To be released soon