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Febryary 2018
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February Luncheon
Moneyball and Raoul Wallenberg Analytics
Presented by:
Ari Kaplan
Principal of Enterprise Analytics, Aginity

Thursday, Feb 15, 2018
12pm-2pm (Note the extended time!)
The East Bank Club
500 N Kingsbury
Chicago, IL 60610
Known for starting the Chicago Cubs analytics department and the President of the independent investigation into the fate of Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg, Ari Kaplan will share his insights on how MLB teams, businesses, and governments tie big data and analytics to make decisions. In baseball, hear how teams "Moneyball" collect, manage, transform, and deliver actionable insights for on-field player performance and above-the-field player forecasting, drafting, and player signings. In human rights investigations, hear how analytics were used with limited and missing data to discover key clues in one of the biggest mysteries of the past century - what happened to missing diplomat Wallenberg? From measuring performance trends and creating analytics for the past, present, and future to finding actionable patterns in data and using this intelligence to find real business opportunities, his presentation is a strategic look at how to use smart analysis to drive growth and success in any business sector. He also addresses how to break-out luck versus skill, identify personal tendencies to your advantage, and find events preceding a business issue and then track post event. 
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Note: Kinzie Street bridge is closed this week, allow extra travel time. 

March 14, 2018 
CCASA Annual Conference
Save the date. Theme is 
weather and climate predictions. More details coming soon.

President's Letter

February will be marked as one of my favorite months of 2018 because we will witness amazing Olympians perform at their highest levels that winter sports has to offer--and yes, that's also including curling. Each athlete has an inspiring story to tell from waking up to their preferred (or possibly annoying) sound of the daily alarm clock ringing at 4 AM in the morning to sharpen their ice skating skills to staying away from their families for months at a time to train at a remote location from home.
Athlete is not a word that we first associate with statisticians, but I assure you, nothing is further from the truth. I know of many statisticians and data scientists who run in the wee hours of the early morning when the sun is nowhere in sight to bank in the miles for their marathon training to a recent encounter with a prominent statistician--a professor that I have respected since graduate school--at a fencing epee tournament. We are highly cerebral in our quest to find interesting patterns from datasets, but we are every bit an athlete as the Olympians who compete at the highest level in winter sports. Whether your activity is yoga, running, swimming, dancing, fencing, boxing, skiing, or simply walking, I encourage you to be active in the month of February. When our cerebral endeavors are coupled with the benefits of exercise, amazing things will happen. Stay active my fellow statisticians.
Respectfully yours,
Kwang-Youn Kim, PhD 
News from the CCASA Board
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CCASA 2018 Workshop: Friday April 27, 2018
Title: Art and Practice of Regression Trees
Presenter: Wei-Yin Loh, Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Location: Chicago, DePaul loop campus
Abstract: Regression tree and forest methods have greatly improved in the last decade. Their ease of use, prediction accuracy, execution speed, and interpretability make them essential tools for machine learning and data analysis. The course teaches how to use the tools effectively and efficiently. It uses an example-focused style, with each example chosen to illustrate particular weaknesses of traditional solutions and to show how tree methods overcome them and yield new insights. 

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News from the World of Statistics.
2018 DataFest at Loyola University, March 23-25.
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