The Official Newsletter of the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association
November 2018
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November Luncheon
Managing Your Analytics & Data Science Career:
From Analyst to CAO
 Presented by:
Katie Ferguson
Flora Jiang
Stefan Vallentine 
Burtch Works Executive Recruiting 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
12:30pm - 2:00pm
The East Bank Club
500 N Kingsbury
Chicago, IL 60610
International Prize in Statistics
Awarded to Bradley Efron
Bootstrap Developer Bradley Efron
The International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to Bradley Efron, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, in recognition of the "bootstrap," a method he developed in 1977 for assessing the uncertainty of scientific results that has had extraordinary impact across many scientific fields.
"While statistics offers no magic pill for quantitative scientific investigations, the bootstrap is the best statistical pain reliever ever produced," says Xiao-Li Meng, Whipple V. N. Jones Professor of Statistics at Harvard University. "It has saved countless scientists and researchers the headache of finding a way to assess uncertainty in complex problems by providing a simple and practical way to do so in many seemingly hopeless situations."
   President's Letter

Chicago Statistics Community,


Hopefully you are all staying warm this chilly Chicago Fall! I want to again congratulate Dr. Jeff Wu for receiving the Statistician of the Year Award. The event was great and I cannot think of a more deserving recipient.


Looking forward to our November luncheon, we have former CCASA Board Member Linda Burtch speaking on "Managing Your Analytics & Data Science Career: From Analyst to CAO." Linda has incomparable expertise in quantitative careers. It will definitely be worth your time.


Looking forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.


Adam McElhinney

   December Luncheon
Join us for our holiday luncheon on December 4 at the East Bank Club for what is always one of our more festive events of the year.   The luncheon speaker and topic to be announced soon!