September 26, 2006 Luncheon - Using Spatial Statistics in Social Research: Issues
in Modeling Community and Neighborhood Characteristics

Mike Schoeny, UIC

October 24, 2006

Luncheon - Pro Bono Statistics: What Can Statisticians Do in the Community?
Gayla Olbricht, Amy Watkins,  STATCOM at Purdue University


November 14, 2006

Dinner - Statistician of the Year Award
William Q. Meeker
December 5, 2006 Holiday Luncheon - Isaac Newton and Dice
Stephen Stigler, University of Chicago
January 23, 2007 Luncheon - Pursuing a Useful System for Understanding Telephone Data
Fred Butzen, Vail Systems
January 25, 2007 Workshop - Short Course on Bayesian Statistics and Marketing
Greg Allenby, Ohio State University
Peter Rossi, University of Chicago
February 20, 2007 Luncheon - The use of recurrence quantification analysis to describe
 nonlinear biological systems
Joe Zbilut, Rush University

March 9, 2007 Career Forum
March 20, 2007 Luncheon - The difficulties and delights of being the general manager
of a minor league baseball team.
Rick Rungaitis, GM of the Schaumburg Flyers

April 25, 2007 Luncheon - Nonparametric Bayesian models
George Karabatsos, UIC

May 11, 2007

Conference - Modeling Atmospheric Data and Climate Change Models


June 1, 2007

Luncheon - Statistical Models for Handicapping Race Horses
Joe Kristufek