The Official Newsletter of the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association
October 2018
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2018 Statistician of the Year Award Dinner:
The Chicago chapter honors Dr. Jeff Wu, the Coca-Cola Chair in Engineering Statistics and Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology with the 2018 Statistician of the Year.
Thursday, October 18th, 2018
Registration and reception begin at 6 PM, Dinner at 7 PM with the award presentation and talk to follow.
The East Bank Club
500 N Kingsbury, Chicago, 
IL 60610  
Yidan Prize for Education Research Awarded to 2013 CCASA Statistician of the Year Larry Hedges
Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate 2018 Larry HEDGES: Acknowledgement Speech
Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate 2018 Larry HEDGES: Acknowledgement Speech
Northwestern University Professor Larry Hedges, a preeminent scholar and global heavyweight in education research, has been awarded the 2018 Yidan Prize, the world's largest prize in education research.
The 2018 Yidan Prize for Education Research, which comes with $3.9 million in support, recognizing Hedges for his ground-breaking statistical methods for meta-analysis, which serve as a foundation for much of the rigorous, evidenced-based education policy across the country and the globe. 

Professor Hedges was awarded the CCASA's Statistician of the Year in 2013.
   President's Letter
Chicago Statistics Community,
We're off to a great start to the year! We had our first luncheon in September where Mei Najim gave an outstanding presentation entitled "Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning in Insurance Claims". We had over 60 statisticians in attendance.
This month, we have a really special event, the Statistician of the Year Award.  It is a very distinguished honor that was first given in 1966 to John Tukey, creator of the famous Tukey Test. This year we will be honoring Dr. Jeff Wu of Georgia Tech. I strongly encourage you to attend.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this October,
Adam McElhinney
   INFORMS Chicago Regional Analytics Conference
Take a day to hone your analytics skills and unpack the buzz around the term AI at the 2018 INFORMS Chicago Regional Analytics Conference. This year's event will bring together business leaders, practitioners, and academic audience members from the Midwest to learn about the extraordinary ways in which AI is reshaping the way we do business.
Advances are being made daily in how industry is adopting AI technology and refining business operations. Spend the day with us learning from AI leaders as they explore how the rise in Artificial Intelligence has allowed businesses the opportunity to reinvent themselves by increasing profitability, reducing costs, mitigating risk, and automating complex tasks. We will be covering a wide range of topics in AI, so regardless of your industry, there will be opportunities to learn about new ways to strategically integrate AI into your business efforts.   For more information go to Demystifying AI and its Practical Business Applications.