September 28, 2004

Luncheon presentation by Gian Fulgoni,
CEO at comScore

October 19, 2004 Harry V. Roberts Statistical Advocate Award Dinner
Fritz Scheuren, NORC

October 26, 2004

Luncheon presentation by Eric Greenleaf,
Professor of Marketing at New York University

November 16, 2004 Luncheon presentation by Ross Link,
owner of Marketing Analytics

December 1, 2004 Statistician of the Year Award Dinner
January 11, 2005
Software Study Group: XLMiner: Excel Add-In for Data Mining
January 21, 2005 Career Fair and recap
January 25, 2005 Luncheon presentation by John Watts,
SVP and Global Managing Director, Opinion Research Center
February 22, 2005 Luncheon presentation
Designing studies to discern antagonism or synergy between
 two or more drugs
Timothy O'Brien,
Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
March 18, 2005 One-Day Short Course, David Draper,
Bayesian Modeling, Inference and Prediction
March 22, 2005 Luncheon presentation
Leveraging Macro and Micro Data Sources to Reach New
Prospects and Retain Existing Customers  
by Timothy J. Claytor,
Director -- Market Intelligence Solutions, TransUnion

April 26, 2005 Luncheon presentation
Uses of Data for a New Violence Reduction Intervention
by Dr. Gary Slutkin, Executive Director,
The Chicago Project for Violence Prevention

May 6, 2005 Spring Conference
MAY I ask a question, please? Psychometric
Issues and Impacts.
May 24, 2005 Luncheon presentation
Monte Carlo simulation methods in portfolio optimization.
by Richard O. Michaud, President and CIO,
New Frontier Advisors LLC.