March Conference (3/6/15)

March Conference (3/6/15)

"Prediction and Forecasting" Conference, March 6th 2015

Slides from the Sessions can be found below:

Session One: Economic Forecasting with Mixed Frequency Data

                                Speaker: Scott Brave, Sr Business Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Session Two: Addressing the Challenges of New Product Forecasting

                                 Speaker: Kenneth Kahn, Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the da Vinci Center at Virginia Commonwealth University

Session Three:  Combining Information Sources to Develop Bayesian Predictions

                             Speaker: Mark Berliner, Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics at Ohio State University

Session Four:  The Role of Genomic Prediction in Precision Medicine

                              Speaker: Hae Kyung (Haky) Im, Principal Investigator Research Associate in Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago

Session Five:  Mixed Models as the Basis for Catcher Evaluation and Forecasting

                             Speaker: Harry Pavlidis, Director of Technology for Baseball Prospectus and the founder of Pitch Info