The Official Newsletter of the Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association
April 2020

   Stay at Home Resources


While we as a community stay at home and work from home, many of us monitor the COVID-19 situation with our preferred sources of information.  The Chicago Chapter board decided to share some of our go-to sources of information, insights, and data in this challenging time.


If you have other sources you feel are insightful or take a unique view on the data or the situation, please go to our LinkedIN page to share with the community!


1.  Visualization of the effect of quarantining and social distancing


2.  History of Pandemics


3.  Trending by region


4.  Identifying new symptoms


5.  Highlighting new patterns


6.  How the real-time version of R-naught is guiding lock-down lifting


7.  Google location data helping local health officials


8.  GitHub county level data on the entire US


9.  Zip level data from Illinois


10.  Importance of modeling during pandemic


Any views and opinions represented in the sources are not necessarily those of the Chicago Chapter.


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