Statistical Methods in Oncology Scientific Working Group


Welcome to the home page of the Statistical Methods in Oncology Scientific Working Group (Onc SWG).

Our goals are to:

  • Encourage increased use of systematic oncology assessment approaches and selection of best methods through training and education
    • Gain clear understanding of current regulatory environments in oncology
    • Prepare a library of recommended methods including innovative methods
    • Understand commonly used and innovative methods
    • Collect and share experiences on using innovative designs
    • Put together points to consider for oncology innovative designs’ implementation
    • Develop new methods if needed
  • Educate the broader statistical community to understand and contribute to this important area
  • Increase statisticians’ leadership roles in cross-functional collaboration
  • Communicate statistical perspectives to larger clinical trial community


Expectations for members:

  • Have experience in Oncology
  • Have strong technical skills and strategic thinking
  • Have time to take part at working group meetings and complete necessary tasks
  • Contribute actively

For more information or to get involved in the Onc SWG, please contact and