NCB 2023 Presentations

Oral Presentations

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A Critique of Tolerance Interval Approach to stability modeling, and a Bayesian alternative Stan Altan, Dwaine Banton, Paul Faya, David LeBlond, Adam Rauk, John Seaman  Download
Historical borrowing and meta-analysis in animal studies Veavi Chang, Carter Allen, Xiaofei Wang, Ixavier Higgins, Will Landau, Joseph Haas, David Airey, Jason Manro, Yushi Liu  Download
Design and Analysis of an Autologous Cell Therapy Site Transfer Comparability Study as a 2 × 2 Crossover Equivalence Test Kedar Dave, Roland Ashton  Download
Tolerance Intervals – an Adaptive Approach for Specification Setting Brad Evans Download
CellVision: Deep Learning-based Image Analysis Platform to Accelerate Data Processing for High-throughput Dengue Vaccine µPlaque Assay Michelle Ngo, Shubing Wang Download
Biomarkers detection in Microbiome experiments using Structural equation modelling Thi Huyen Nguyen, Rudradev Sengupta, Olajumoke Evangelina Owokotomo, and Ziv Shkedy Download
Hit screening via multivariate robust outlier (mROUT) detection Steven Novick Download
Analysis and visualization of gut microbiome and metabolome altered by Nrf2 Knock Out and Phenethyl Isothiocyanate and Cranberry Rich Diets Davit Sargsyan Download
Estimating Shelf Life through Tolerance Intervals James Schwenke Download
Statistical methods of cut point determination in Immunogenicity studies Meiyu Shen Download
Development of high dimensional Microbiome Biomarkers Ziv Shkedy ,Thi Huyen NGUYEN, Rudradev Sengupta and Olajumoke Evangelina OWOKOTOMO Download
Optimizing manufacturing processes through informed selection of raw material lots Yang Tang Download
Statistical approach for autologous cell therapy potency method comparability Mia Teixeira, Sangwook Choi, Ifrah Javed Download
Bridging the gap between preclinical animal studies and phase I first-in-human trials Haiyan Zheng Download

Poster Presentations

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Short Course

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Statistical tolerance intervals and regions Thomas Mathew Download