NCB 2021 Presentations

Oral Presentations

Title Author  Link
Quantitative Decision Making, an application to CMC in particular analytical method equivalence Misbah Ahmed & George Atkins  Download
The use of nanoDSF and Bayesian posterior predictive distributions for monitoring stability and early formulation selection of biotherapeutics   Dwaine Banton  Download
Statistics on Street Corners: Conducting Inference for Data Plots  Di Cook  Link
A survey on the value of p-Values driving decisions in nonclinical applications and recommendations for improved statistical practices   Helena Geys  Download
Design considerations and an algorithm to produce nearly balanced incomplete designs with multiple random effects—plates, rows, columns, unequal numbers of samples per disease state population—for antibody detection immunoassays   Ken Goldberg  Download
Modeling the effect of novel preclinical assays on drug development productivity Gregory Hather Download
Statistical models to predict anti-drug antibody incidence 
 Richard Higgs  Download
Statistical Thinking and Engineering in a Big Data World
 Roger Hoerl  Download
Problem solving and better visualization by advance curve fitting in various applications, e.g., properly fitting hook effect Ya-Ching Matilda Hsieh  Download
Beyond compartment modeling for analyzing DMPK of dynamic PET/CT image data   Ya-Ching Matilda Hsieh   Download

Spontaneous Reporting Systems for Adverse Events: Data Challenges, Analysis Approaches, Visualization, and Tools

Matthew Kay Link to site
A conversation about data ethics Wendy Martinez Download
Replicability and Reproducibility in animal studies  Steven Novick  Download

Applying Advanced Data Analytic to a Cell Growth Challenge in Commercial Biologics Manufacturing

 Yiming Peng  Download
 Let’s talk about preclinical experimental rigor – EQIPD and ISTAND projects from IMI   Eve Pickering  Download
CMC Views on the Frontiers of Statistics and Data Science Lori Pfahler Download
Sequential Bayes Factors for Sample Size Reduction in Preclinical Experiments Tony Pourmohamad Download
Statistical design and modeling considerations in the development of a Real Time Release (RTR) strategy for dissolution testing   Christian Schmid  Download
A system of analytical limits which facilitates risk-based biologicals development and lifecycle management Tim Schofield Download

Multiplex gene expression signature to predict the clinical benefit of Veliparib for NSCLC patients

 Vasudha Sehgal  Download
Statistical Workflows in R for Imaging Mass Spectrometry Data   Valeriia Sherina  Download
Augmenting data exploration with interactive graphics 

 Carson Sievert


Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails

Nasim Taleb Download
A New Algorithm for Convex Biclustering and Its Extension to the Compositional Data Binhuan Wang Download

Deep Dive into Machine Learning Models for Protein Engineering

Yuting Xu Download

Poster Presentations

Title Author  Link

A closer look at the kernels generated by the (decision and regression) tree-based ensembles

Richard Baumgartner


Analyzing nanoString’s Digital Spatial Profiler Next Generation Sequencing Gene Expression Data in a Pilot Study

Taymon Beavers


Pitfalls in the use of multivariate design space to set proven acceptable range in vaccine development

 Francisca Galindo


Tackling Missing Values in Mass Spectrometry-based Data

 Louise Leonard


Expectile Neural Networks for Genetic Data Analysis of Complex Diseases

 Jinghang Lin


Application of Gage R&R studies in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry

 Thomas de Marchin


Comparison of Drug Stability Prediction Methods by Bayesian Inference

 Yusuke Nakai


Statistical approach to Modular Viral Clearance Claims in Biopharmaceutical Products

 Oluyemi Oyeniran


Empirical Comparison of Traditional Frequentist Methods with a Bayesian Approach to Fitting the Extended Arrhenius Model in Stress Testing of Pharmaceutical Products

William Porter


Gaussian Process Modeling for Dissolution Curve Comparisons

Tony Pourmohamad


Exploring the Effect of Missing Experimental Data on Reed & Muench Median Lethal Dose Estimates

Plinio De los Santos


Comparison of Continuous Manufacturing vs. Batch Processes in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

 Plinio De los Santos


Developing a Statistical Approach to Facilitate Sameness Assessment of Complex Heterogenous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

 Yu-Ting Weng


Short Course

Title Author  Link
Bayesian Regression Trees Jason Roy Download
Bayesian Survival and Joint Models using Rstanarm
Jacqueline Buros Novik Download