NCB 2019 Presentations

Oral Presentations

Title Author  Link
Transfer Learning in Single Cell Transcriptomics Divyansh Agarwall Download
Gaining Insights into lncRNA Function in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Stefan Avey Download
Real Time Release strategy for dissolution testing in continuous manufacturing Dwaine Banton Download
Increased Collaboration and Reduced Risk From Bayesian Insight Into Feasibility of an Evolving Animal Model in Discovery Thomas Bradstreet Download
Comparative assessment of quality attributes Rick Burdick Download
Getting to know Python through examples Dan Chen Download
Estimating Precision of Analytical Methods in Biologics Development and Manufacturing Ranran Dong Download
Assessing the Suitability of Immunoassay Cut Points from Validation for Use In-Study Andrew Gehman Download
A unified framework for unconstrained and constrained ordination of microbiome read
count data
Stijn Hawinkel Download
Experimental Design for dose-response studies Shuguang Huang Download
Deep Learning Opportunities and Challenges in Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development Xin Huang Download
To Screen or Not to Screen? Evaluating Risks & Biases in Cancer Screening Trials Karen Kafadar Download
Infinite Parameter Estimates in Proportional
Hazards Regression
John Kolassa Download
Recent results on equivalence test bounds
to limit non-similarity induced bias in
potency, with additional discussion about
David Lansky Download
Bayesian Analysis using Stan Daniel Lee Download
A fit-for-purpose perspective on Shelf-Life and Internal Release Limits determination: objectives and models Angel Lu Download
Multivariable Association in Population-scale Meta’omic Surveys Himmel Mallick Download
Using R in a regulated environment Xiao Ni Download
Linear Splines for Shelf Life Analysis of a Drug Product Stored in Hybrid Storage Conditions John Oleynick Download
Equivalence Margin Evaluations for Analytical Method Transfer Oluyemi Oyenirank Download
Process Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Industry
- Challenges and Recommended Solutions
Yiming Peng Download
Computer Experiments for the Optimization and Understanding of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes John Peterson Download
MCP-Mod overview and extensions José Pinheiro Download
An Empirical Comparison of Methods for the Statistical Design and Analysis of Accelerated Stability Experiments Bill Porter Download
New paradigm to derive and assess ADA cut points Charles Tan Download
Design and Analysis of Startle test in laboratory rats Kanaka Tatikola Download

Poster Presentations

Title Author  Link
Low pH Viral Inactivation Modular Claim via Bayesian Hierarchical Logistic Regression Dwaine Banton Download
Defining Biological Significance: A Cross-Program Analysis of Lymphocyte Redistribution in Non-human Primates After Dosing with CD3 Redirecting Biotherapeutics Dwaine Banton Download
Comparison of Count Modeling Techniques Plinio De Los Santos Download
An R Shiny App for mixing drug substance to make final formulated bulk Jianfang Hu Download
An Extended Youden Design for Biological Assays Yi Hua Download
An overview of Bayesian approaches to content uniformity Buffy Hudson-Curtis Download
Bioassays: big challenges yield interesting design and analysis methods David Lansky Download
Bayesian and Bootstrap Analysis of Truncated Data for Justification of Specification and Equivalence Testing Qianqiu (Jenny) Li Download
Parametric longitudinal analysis characterized the relationship between the concentration of a CK1𝛅 inhibitor and the elongation of a cell circadian cycle Ondrej Libiger Download
Quantifying Uncertainty of Process Reliability Estimation Using Bayesian Methodology Fangfang Liu Download
The Effect of Estimating Residual Variance on Post-Selection Inference of LASSO in High-Dimensional Settings Jinyuan Liu Download
The Role of CMC Statisticians: Co-Practitioners of the Scientific Method Tim Schofield Download
Risk-based parallelism test for parallel curve assays Perceval Sondag Download
A comprehensive comparative study of methods and models for synergy Oliver Thas Download

An Empirical Weighted Bayesian Tolerance Interval

Hong Tran Download

Bayesian Tensor on Tensor Regression

Kunbo Wang Download

Detecting Bliss Synergy in in -vivo Combination Studies with a Tumor Kinetic Model

Wei Zhao Download

Short Course

Title Author  Link
Getting it right: Compositional analysis of biological measurement Anthony Lonardo, Juan José Egozcue, Maribel Ortego Download
An R shiny tutorial with nonclinical applications Max Kuhn, Phil Bowsher Link