NCB 2017 Presentations


Oral Presentations

Title Author  Link
ASA BioPharm Nonclinical Working Group (NCB): New Opportunities Tony Lonardo
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Statistical issues and considerations in analytical assessment of biosimilarity Yi Tsong  Download
Bayesian graphical models for biomarker relationships -- applications to genomics data Yuan Ji  Download
Statistical evaluation for stability data from large number of batches  Steve He Download
A novel Bayesian method for survival assessment in animal oncology studies Steven Novick Download
Statistical Recommendations for Genotoxicity Assessment of Pharmaceuticals: a Practical Approach
 Helena Geys  Download
Bayesian estimation of reproducibility/repeatability in early drug development
Dai Fang Download
Big data methods for outcome prediction from clinical and genomic data
Birol Emir Download
Data mining to build predictive models from Biosensor features 
Shyla Jagannatha
Process Performance Analysis for Roche’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Network
Yiming Peng Download
Robust statistical methods for defining screening, titer, and specificity confirmation cut points in anti-drug antibody (ADA) detection immunoassays
 Ken Goldberg  Download
Compound Ranking with Low-Replication High-Throughput Screening Assays: A Basic Guide for Practitioners
Phillip Yates Download
Immunogenicity Assay Cut Point Determination Using Nonparametric Tolerance Limit
Jason Zhang Download
Opportunities and Challenges for Statisticians in Advanced Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
John Peterson Download

Design and statistical analysis of method transfer studies for biotechnology products

Meiyu Shen Download
A Selective Inference-based Two-stage Procedure for Clinical Safety Studies
Yalin Zhu Download
Definitive Screening as a System for Experimental Design and Optimization
 Christopher Nachtsheim   Download
Improving Biomarker/Subgroup Identification
Lei Shen  Download
Intervals Estimations for Variance components: A Review and Implementation
Jorge Quiroz  Download 
Practical statistical considerations for investigating anti-tumor treatments in mice
David Gold  Download
Multivariate statistics for PAT data analysis: an application to IR synthesis monitoring
Tatsiana Khamiakova
Short Course: Topics of Advanced Experimental Design Steve Buyske Download


Poster Presentations

Title Author  Link
Impact of bariatric surgery on obesity-related comorbities: a systematic review and meta-analysis Iris Hu Download
Divide and conquer: comparison of statistical and probabilitistic tools for risk assessment in multi-stage processes Olga Yee Download
Comparison of definitive screening designs with fractional factorial or Placekt-Burman designs Philip McGoff Download
FWER Controlling Multiple Testing Procedures for Discrete Data Yalin Zhu Download
Incomplete strip plot experiments on plates David Cooper Download
Promotion of the quality by design principles in the pharmaceutical industry via the robustness index initiative Tatsiana Khamiakova Download
Statistical Properties of Combinations of WECO Rules through Monte Carlo Simulations Lingmin Zeng Download
Modeling Strategies for Accelerated stability studies Jyh-Ming Shoung Download
In Vitro Dissolution Curve Comparisons: A Critique of Current Practice and a Proposed Bayesian Test Statistic Stan Altan Download
Optimization DoE for analytical method development Swetlana Berger Download
The determination of lower-bound C.I. for the p-th percentile of highly right-skewed data using a Bayesian approach Dwaine Banton Download
General Framework for Equivalence Testing over a Range of Linear Outcomes with CMC Applications Lingmin Zeng Download
Predictors of Readmission or Death Among Patients with Heart Failure in New Jersey Handing Xie Download
The Use of Hoeffding’s D and Spearman’s Rho to Identify Sensitive Subjects Sarah Harber Download
The RNA-Seq Bid Idea: Statistical Design and Analysis for RNA Sequencing Data Yaqing Zhao Download