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Statistics Education Reports

2016 revised GAISE college report
2020 GAISE II reports K-12 curriculum
SET: Statistics Education for Teachers (K-12) report
Undergraduate Curriculum Guidelines
MAA CUPM Guidelines for Programs in the Mathematical Sciences report
ASA endorsement of the MAA "Guidelines for Programs and Departments in Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences"
Common Vision: Freshmen and sophomore mathematics and statistics courses report
JSM 2003 panel: "Is the Math Stat course obsolete?"

Statistics Education Resources

General resources
ASA resources for K-12 educators
ASA resources for undergraduate educators
ASA resources for graduate educators
CAUSEweb: A Digital Library for Statistics Instructors
STATS 101: A resource for teaching introductory statistics
Statistical Commons (restricted to ASA professional members, no student access)
statsTeachR (lesson plans using R)
CRAN Task View: Teaching Statistics with R
ASA webinars for K-12 and intro stats teachers
Webinar: UCBerkeley data science course
Chance project
The National Numeracy Network: Teaching Resources
Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences Resources Portal
Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice
ASA book: "Statistics and Data Science for Teachers"
Data and tools
JSE Data Archive
DASL: The Data and Story Library
Statlib - JASA Data Archive
UCI Machine Learning Repository data links (free repository of public datasets, requires signing up)
MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching Statistics and Probability
Applets by Kady Schneiter
HyperStat: free online textbook
Statistics Teaching and Resource (STAR) Library: activities
Professional development: "Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations" MOOC
ASA profiles: Undergraduate statistics degree (1) (2)
Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice: website, PDF
Compare prices of new and used textbooks: Direct TextbookBooks Price


Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education (current)  -- formally Journal of Statistics Education (1993-2015)
Statistics Teacher -- formally The Statistics Teacher Network
Statistics Education Research Journal
Chance magazine
International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) Publications

Other Organizations

ASA-MAA Joint Committee on Undergraduate Statistics
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
MAA, Statistics Education Group (SIGMA)
Committee on Statistics in Two-Year Colleges
Isolated Statisticians
ASA Section on Teaching Statistics in Health Sciences
International Association for Statistical Education (IAS)

Statistics and Statistical Education Programs

Graduate Programs in Statistics

Special Issues on Statistical Education

Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World Beyond p < 0.05 - Special issue, TAS (vol. 73, sup. 1, 2019)
Nurturing Statistical Thinking Before College - CHANCE (volume 28, #3 and 4, 2015)
Statistics and the Undergraduate Curriculum - TAS (volume 69, #4, 2019)
Computing in the Statistics and Data Science Curriculum - Special issue, JSDSE (vol. 29 sup1, 2021)

Careers in Statistical Education

MAA guidelines for curriculum evaluation and ASA response
Evaluation of academic statisticians (Notes from Chaska, MN meeting, 1995)
Tenure and evaluation of statisticians (Quotes collected by Tim Hesterberg, 1995)