Upcoming conferences

eCOTS: Electronic Conference On Teaching Statistics
eCOTS 2022 (May 23-26): "Preparing the Modern Student"
eCOTS 2020: "Engaging Everyone"
eCOTS 2018: “Data Science for All” 

: International Association for Statistical Education - Roundtable Conference
Next IASE 2023 Satellite: July 11-13 (possibly in Toronto) “Statistics and Data Science Learning”
IASE 2020 (VIRTUAL): "New Skills in the Changing World of Statistics Education"
IASE 2016: "Promoting Understanding of Statistics about Society"

: International Conference on the Teaching of Statistics
Next ICOTS 2024: July 12-17, Brisbane, Australia (IASE schedule)
ICOTS: 2022, Rosario, Argentina (Sept. 11-16): "Bridging the Gap: Empowering and Educating Today’s Learners in Statistics" 
ICOTS 10 (2018)
, Kyoto, Japan: “Looking Back, Looking Forward” 
ICOTS 9 (2014), Flagstaff (AZ), USA: “Sustainability in Statistics Education” 

: Joint Statistical Meetings
Next: JSM 2024, (August 3 - August 8) Portland, Oregon
JSM 2023, Ontario, Canada
JSM 2022, Washington, DC: section-sponsored events
JSM 2020, VIRTUAL: list of events from the Section on Statistics and Data Science Education.
JSM 2019list of events from the Section on Statistics and Data Science Education.
JSM 2018 Stat. Ed. sponsored presentations archive.
JSM 2017 Stat. Ed. sponsored presentations archive.
JSM 2016 Stat. Ed. sponsored presentations archive.
JSM 2015 Stat. Ed. sponsored presentations archive.

StatFest 2023 September 23rd SAS Headquarters, Cary, NC
StatFest 2022 VIRTUAL, September 17-18  
StatFest 2021, VIRTUAL
StatFest 2020, VIRTUAL
StatFest 2019, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
StatFest 2018, at Amherst College (first StatFest conference)
StatFest is a one-day conference aimed at encouraging undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups to consider careers and graduate studies in the statistical sciences.

: United States Conference on Teaching Statistics
Next USCOTS 2023 June 1-3, 2023, State College, Pennsylvania: "Communicating with/about data"
USCOTS 2021, VIRTUAL: "Expanding Opportunities"
USCOTS 2019 "Evaluating Evidence"
USCOTS 2017: “Show Me the Data!” 

: World Statistics Congress
Next TBA
 WSC 2023, Ottawa, Canada, July 16-20, 2023
WSC 2021, VIRTUAL, July 11-6, 2021
WSC 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia