Waller Award

The Waller Education Award was established by a contribution from retired ASA Executive Director Ray Waller and his wife Carolyn. This award honors an individual for innovation in the instruction of elementary statistics. Nominees should be early in their career (ten or fewer years of full-time teaching) with responsibility for teaching "the first course" in statistics in a two-year college, a four-year college, or a research university. Graduate teaching assistants may be nominated for the award.

The recipient will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Commitment to teaching elementary statistics
  • Demonstrated innovation in teaching elementary statistics
  • Letters of support from students, colleagues, and supervisors

Nominations should be submitted as a complete packet, consisting of:

  • the nomination letter, no longer than four pages, addressing points in the selection criteria
  • the nominee's curriculum vita
  • a maximum of four supporting letters, each no longer than two pages

For additional information see Waller Education Award


Current and Past Recipients:

  • 2023: Albert Y. Kim (Education Award)
  • 2023: William I. Knotz (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)
  • 2022: Kari Lock Morgan (Education Award)
  • 2022: Paul Velleman (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2021: Amelia A. McNamara (Education Award)
  • 2021: Lawrence M. Lesser (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2020: William Cipolli (Education Award)
  • 2020: Beth L. Chance (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2019: Benjamin Baumer (Education Award)
  • 2019: Robert L. Gould (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2018: Lynne Schofield (Education Award)
  • 2018: Deborah Nolan (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2017: Anna Bargagliott (Education Award)i
  • 2017: James Cochran (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2016: Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel (Education Award)
  • 2016: Allan J. Rossman Waller (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2015: Rebecca Nugent (Education Award)
  • 2015: W. Robert Stephenson (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2014: Andrew Zieffler (Education Award)
  • 2014: Robin Lock (Distinguished Teaching Career Award)

  • 2013: Nathan Tintle

  • 2012: Michael Posner

  • 2011: Michelle Everson

  • 2010: Amy G. Froelich

  • 2009: Nicholas Horton

  • 2008: Steve Wang

  • 2007: Jo Hardin

  • 2006: Joy Jordan

  • 2005: Roger Woodard

  • 2004: Ginger Holmes Rowell

  • 2003: John Holcomb

  • 2002: Beth Chance

  • Inaugural Waller Award Presented to Beth Chance