Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Statistics is the science of learning from data, and we consider data science a partner of statistics. Our mission is to promote the teaching and learning of data-driven inquiry at any level for any audience. Specifically we will:

  1. Advise the Association on the educational elements of the ASA strategic plan, including the need for education on the role and value of statisticians to the following audiences:
    1. Management in business, technology, and government
    2. Professionals such as journalists, lawyers, computer scientists, and medical personnel
    3. Public policy makers at state, national and international levels
    4. K-12 policy makers, administrators and teachers
    5. Academics in allied disciplines
  2. Promote research and practice to improve education in statistics and data science, encompassing thinking, reasoning, and literacy.
  3. Support the development of statistics and data science pedagogy, programs, and courses.
  4. Support the dissemination of professional development and funding opportunities, teaching resources and research findings in statistics and data science education.
  5. Improve the pipeline from K-12 through two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and universities to statistics and data science professionals.


  • Implementation of Association strategic goals, in collaboration with external entities,
  • Expanded professional development opportunities,
  • Improved teaching,
  • Improved cooperation between statistics and data science education researchers and practitioners in their role as statistics and data science educators,
  • Improved pipeline

Strategic Objectives

  • Improve formal working relationship with ASA in general; specific examples might include:
    • CSE Website, as an example of disseminating information
    • Visiting lecture program, as an example of improving the pipeline
  • Find/provide funding, in collaboration with other groups, for statistics and data science education initiatives including seeking external sponsors
  • Work to increase the recognition of the value of statistics and data science education work at academic institutions
  • Increase involvement of members in the development of state standards and curricula
  • Increase professional development opportunities for section members; increase outreach to, and professional development for, 2-year college instructors and non-statistician statistics and data science teachers; an added benefit is that this likely will lead to increasing membership in the section, especially from non- and under-represented groups such as high school teachers, 2-year college teachers and graduate students.
  • Improve dissemination of teaching related resources, research findings and professional development and funding opportunities.
  • Facilitate a wide range of opportunities for people to participate in statistics and data science education activities, including those whose primary responsibility is outside statistics and data science education and those who can afford only a minor time commitment.