Robert V. Hogg Award

The Robert V. Hogg Award For Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics provides recognition to an individual who has been teaching introductory statistics at the college level for between three (3) and fifteen (15) years, and who has shown both excellence and growth in teaching during that time.

The award is named in honor of Robert V. Hogg, winner of numerous teaching accolades including the Iowa Governor’s Science Medal for Teaching in 1990 and the MAA’s Distinguished Teaching award in 1993, and President of the American Statistical Association in 1988. It is presented yearly by the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America (SIGMAA) on Statistics Education, which aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas about teaching statistics, the undergraduate statistics curriculum and all other issues related to providing students with effective and engaging encounters with statistics in their courses of study.

For additional information see the official award description at the SIGMAA Stat Ed website 

Current and Past Recipients:

  • 2022 - Diana Skrzydlo
  • 2021 - Çetinkaya-Rundel Mine
  • 2020 - Talithia Williams
  • 2019 - Kimberly A. Roth
  • 2018 - Kari Lock Morgan
  • 2017 - Nathan Tintle
  • 2016 - Kumer Das
  • 2015 - Nick Horton
  • 2014 - Johanna Hardin
  • 2013 - Jack Miller