GSS Mentoring Program for 2020-2021

Call for Mentees and Mentors

Our 2020-2021 mentoring program closed with a wrap-up event on June 14, 2021. Some mentor/mentee pairs completed their active relationships earlier in the year and others will continue. We look forward to initiating the next round (2021-2022) of the program in September. 

In each round of the program, mentees will be connected with mentors who provide insight and guidance to address the many issues of career development. GSS encourages mentees at all stages of their careers, including those transitioning to new roles and those new to telework or other working environments.

Mentors will be giving back to the community, establishing new relationships and developing their leadership skills. GSS also encourages mentors at different career stages, as each stage provides valuable insights along the way.

GSS will support mentees and mentors throughout the year, providing guidance and tips, as well as suggestions and questions to get mentee-mentor conversations started.

To join the Government Statistics Section's mentoring program at any time, as either mentor or mentee, please indicate your responses to the following in a reply to

1. Which role do you wish to play?: Mentee or Mentor

2. In what career stage are you? Indicate whether Student, Early-, Mid-, or Late-Career professional

2. In what sector do you operate? Fed government, State government, contracting, academia, other

3. Over what time-scale (days to weeks OR months to year-long) do you envision seeking (mentee) or providing (mentor) support?: Days-to-Weeks or Months-to-Year or more

4. What is the best email address for contacting you?

5. (Optional) What particular topics would you like to have addressed in future GSS career development webinars or roundtables?

In the days following your response, the GSS mentoring committee will begin matching mentees to mentors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, connections will be virtual, rather than in-person. With widespread use of virtual meeting software, location is no longer a factor in pairing mentors with mentees. We will notify you of your match by email. 

If you have any questions - or if you'd like to pitch in and join the committee, please don't hesitate to e-write to


At JSM 2020

ICSP's Mentoring Program, 3/11/2020 kickoff thru 10/14/2020 end ceremony

Art of Mentoring (  

OPM's Best Practices

WSS Mentoring Program:  Chaired by Mark Otto.

  • Site has link to online application for both mentors and mentees. The form asks for location, goals and statistical interests. Responses are used to link mentors and mentees. 

  • Welcome emails are sent to introduce mentor-mentee pairs to get them started.

  • See docs below (welcome letter and "goals/communications plan").

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ASA Statistics and Data Science Education Section's program: 

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ASA Community on Applied Statisticians' program (inactive?): 

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Teaching of Statistics in the ASA Health Sciences Section program (~2014?): 

ASA Committee on Minorities in Statistics' Diversity Mentoring Program (active): 


  • Wrap-up event for the 2020-2021 program was held on June 14, 2021. 
  • September 2021 - Email message announcing the program will be distributed to members of the GSS Section.
  • September-October 2021 - Mentors matched with mentees

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