Section on Government Statistics

Officers and Contacts
Contains the ASA maintained list of Officers)
The following list contains the names, addresses, and email addresses (when available) of section officers. The Section on Government Statistics has 6 current officers, 1 liaison, 2 COPAFS representatives and a Government COS representative.

2022 Officers
Bowen, Claire
Urban Institute
2023 - 2023
Sivinski, Bob
Office of Management and Budget
2023 - 2023
Gray, Simone
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2023- 2023
Murray, Nancy
Food and Drug Administration
Secretary / Treasurer
2023 - 2024
Mirel, Lisa
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
JSM Program Chair
2023 - 2023
Jadoo, Mike
Bureau of Labor Statistics
JSM Program Chair-Elect
2023 - 2023
Petraglia, Elizabeth
Publications Officer
2022- 2024
Abreu, Denise
United States Department of Agriculture
Government Statistics Section COS Representative
2023 - 2025
Peterson, Rick G.
American Statistical Association
Staff Liaison

GSSLIST Coordinator
Mentoring Committee
Amanda Koepke (Chair)
Michael Messner
Jiashen You
Kevin Scott
Melissa Wong

Wray Jackson Smith Scholarship Committee
Thesia Garner
David Banks
Will Cecere

Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award Committee Contacts:
Rick Peterson - - (703) 684-1221
Bill Mockovak (Chair) – 
Lillian Lin
Brian Harris-Kojetin
Carol House
Anna Nevius
Kevin Cecco

Herriot Award Committee:
Stephanie Eckman
Jay Clark
Kevin Scott (representing GSS)

GSS ASA Fellows Committee:
Michael Messner
Jeri Mulrow
Michael Davern
Amanda Koepke