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CCD's First Podcast!  Imposter Syndrome

Feel like a fraud with regards to your area of expertise, that others must know more than you do? Think your accomplishments must be due to “luck”, or don’t deserve the accolades that they’ve received? Expecting to be “found out”? The American Psychological Association says you are not alone. Imposter Syndrome, coined by clinical psychologist Pauline Clance and colleague Suzanne Imes, gives a name to what may often be felt by high-performing but inwardly anxious and self-doubting professionals. Imposter syndrome can lead to physical stress, premature burn-out, and other hinderances to professional success. This discussion will help you identify symptoms and behaviors that you may recognize in yourself or in others. Techniques and strategies will be offered for navigating and overcoming Imposter Syndrome in your professional setting. Personal stories are shared.

Episode 101: Elizabeth Mannshardt-Hawk: Imposter Syndrome

In collaboration with ASA's Pharmaceutical Section:
Date: June 30, 2022
Description: Elizabeth discusses imposter syndrome and how to manage it in your statistical career.

EMannshardt CNurse ALalonde

Elizabeth Mannshardt

Acting Director – Information Access and Analytic Services Division,

Chair 2022, ASA CCD

Christina Nurse

Associate Director, Statistics at Takeda

Vice-Chair 2022, ASA CCD
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Amy LaLonde

Senior Research Scientist, Eli Lilly

ASA Biopharm Podcast