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The ASA Committee on Career Development will hold Webinars, Panels, and Virtual Career Office Hours - an On-Demand Career Advice Service for Statisticians and Data Professionals in Business, Industry, Government, and Academia
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First CCD 2023 Event - Jan 20 2023 2-3pm Eastern:
CCD supports ASA's Committee on Statistics and Disabilities & JEDI's panel on "Transitioning from School to Work with Disabilities" - Register!
This webinar will provide an overview of resources that help job seekers with disabilities navigate transitions between school and work, as well as testimonials. Many statisticians alternate between holding a professional position and attending educational programs, often leading to multiple transitions between school and work throughout one's career trajectory. This webinar brings together experts on accommodations for transitions to work as well as statisticians with disabilities who have experienced transitions between school and work during their careers. A Q&A and discussion period will follow the presentations. All are welcome to attend the webinar.  Full details

CCD Supports COWIS & CWS Webinar Panel on Work-Life Balance

The ASA Committee on Women in Statistics (COWIS) and the Caucus for Women in Statistics (CWS) are co-hosting a panel on ‘Work and Life Balance in Unusual Times' with panelist Hae-Young Kim, Elizabeth Mannshardt and Hong Liu-Seifert - moderated by ASA Vice President Elect Jenny Thompson.  Friday Sept 23 at 2pm Eastern - Register

CCD "Along Your Career Path in Statistics and Data Science" Webinar Series: Changing Careers

CCD hosts a panel of industry, academic, and government representatives to talk about changing careers in Statistics and Data Science, including tips and insights.  Che Smith, Netflix; Judy Wang, George Washington University; Adam Sullivan, Sullivan Statistics.  Friday Oct 14th at 12pm Eastern.  Register hereRecording now available here!

CheSmith AdamSullivan JudyHuixiaWang
Ché Smith 
Adam J Sullivan
 Servier Pharmaceuticals
Judy Huixia Wang
George Washington University
National Science Foundation

Ché Smith is a data enthusiast whose career spans several industries and specialties. She is currently a Senior Analytics Engineer at Netflix, helping to continuously improve content performance metrics for titles launching on the streaming service. Prior to Netflix, Ché taught data science and statistics at Davidson College in North Carolina, and also directed a consulting, analytics, and tutoring lab for the college and local entrepreneurial community. By training, Ché is a biostatistician and spent several years working with local and state health departments to collect, analyze, and disseminate public health data in innovative ways. She also worked as a mathematical statistician with the US Food and Drug Administration, reviewing new drug applications for oncology and hematology treatments.

Adam J Sullivan received his Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Harvard University, and currently serves as a Senior Principal Statistician at Servier Pharmaceuticals in Boston, Massachusetts as well as an Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Biostatistics, Brown University.  Prior to that he was a Senior Manager of Statistics at Takeda. Before Takeda, he was an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Director of Graduate Programs, and a Faculty Statistician at Hassenfeld at Brown. Adam also received 4 teaching awards during his previous employment at Brown. In his spare time, Adam enjoys spending time walking or hiking with his dogs Lexie and Midnight. Many vacations are spent either camping or working on a friend's farm and being with family. Adam lived in the Boston/Providence area for 10 years before relocating back to rural NY to be near his family.

Judy Huixia Wang received her PhD in Statistics from University of Illinois in 2006. She was a faculty member in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University from 2006 to 2014. She is currently Professor and Chair in the Department of Statistics at the George Washington University. From 2018 to 2022, she has served as a Program Director in the Division of Mathematical Sciences of National Science Foundation. Her research interests include quantile regression, semiparametric and nonparametric regression, high dimensional inference, extreme value analysis, spatial analysis, and etc. 

CCD Launched its Portfolio Technology Webinar!

An ASA CCD initiative is to provide resources in Technology Adoptions for expanding your online portfolio via resources such as Netlify for blog hosting, Hugo for blog site generation, R's blogdown package for creating the blog content,  RStudio and GitHub for pulling it all together. To offer tools, resources, and technology to scholars and practitioners for developing and cultivating a vibrant, professional online presence. - Recording

CCD Series: Along Your Career Path in Statistics and Data Science

In 2021 ASA CCD launched a Webinar Series “Along Your Career Path in Data Science”, including“Early Data Science Careers and the Job Search Process” and “Career Next-Steps and Promotions”. The January 2022 webinar showcased "Distinguished Careers in Statistics and Data Science".

Third Series Offering: Distinguished Careers in Statistics and Data Science - Jan 28 2022

CCD's January 2022 webinar on Distinguished Careers in Statistics and Data Science featured Distinguished speakers from across academics, industry, and government.  Participants heard about the distinguished careers of our speakers and their tips for developing successful and rewarding careers as you journey Along Your own Career Path in Data Science.  ASA CCD was excited to welcome Linda J. Young, John Bailer, and Abie Ekangaki as the featured speakers for CCD’s Distinguished Career webinar. Our speakers will share their tips for developing successful and rewarding careers along their own Career Path in Data Science.
Second Series Offering:
Career Next-Steps and Promotions - Friday June 11 2021. Video Recording and Blog Entry
Professionals from academia, industry, and government addressed topics such as how to best position yourself for advancement; how to broach the subject of promotion; goal structuring; branding and networking; how to leverage opportunities outside your organization; critical technical skill development and power skills; communication and leadership; mentorship and sponsorship; and career path changes.
First Series Offering: Early data science careers and the job search processBlog entry and Recording
CCD hosted a panel of industry, academic, and government representatives to talk about possible career paths in Statistics and Data Science, including tips and insights on the job search and application process. Panelists (bios here): Nancy Murray, Statistician at CDC and Biostatistics PhD Candidate at Emory University;  Won Chang, Assistant professor at University of Cincinnati;  Industry, Dr. Di Michelson, JMP. 

Past CCD Office Hour Topics:
   *Postdoc Positions (2020 - Blog)
   *Career Development and Job-Seeking (2019)