Tips & Tricks for Big Conferences and JSM

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Just in time for JSM, ASA's Committee on Career Development members offered Tips and Tricks for navigating big conferences.

CCD had a great time talking with JSM First-Time Attendees!  We started off with a round-robin to get to know each other, then Donna lead us on a break-out room "program scavenger hunt" to get people familiar with the on-line program with a little friendly competition!  Then CCD "seasoned conference attendees" offered some advice based on their experiences.

ASA's Donna LaLonde offered insights into searching the online program using Key Words and People's names.  You can also search for Late-Breaking sessions under "Special Presentations" in the "Advanced Search" menu option!  Donna also suggested checking out invited keynote speakers such as the Demming Lecture. 

CCD's Chair Elizabeth Mannshardt suggested that attendees look "Beyond the Technical Program"
  • Open Business Meetings
  • Presidential Address and Invited Speakers
  • Mixers
  • Receptions
  • Dance Parties!
Additionally there are many non-technical sessions  that can help attendees throughout their career.   Topics such as
  • Leadership
  • Communication: power skills and critical conversations
  • Soft Skills/Power Skills
  • Technical Journalism
  • Diversity: JEDI, Anti-Racism, Committee on Minorities in Statistics, Committee on Women in Statistics; Strategies for Promoting an Inclusive and Equitable Culture
  • Networking
  • Collaborations: Juggling, Interdisciplinary; Creating Global and Organizational Partnerships
  • Teaching Statistics
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Mentoring

CCD's Vice Chair Christina Nurse pointed out that it is great to plan your schedule out in advance.  She also pointed to Short Courses that can help build your technical skills and continued education opportunities.

CCD's JSM Committee Lead Daniel Elchert pointed out that it is very important to consider self-care during big events and large conferences.  These events can be very overwhelming and it is important to take time for yourself!

Other key tips:
The conference center and corresponding venue options can be very large and sessions can be physically spread out!  Be sure to scope out the conference site to get an idea of the physical lay of the land when you arrive.

There lots of options for prospective job searchers - check on the Expo and the ASA Job Fairs.  Note that some of these events require advanced registration!