COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series

About the COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series

COPSS and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) have come together to organize and host a new webinar series focusing on leadership in statistics and data science. Plan to attend these webinars every month during the academic year! 

The COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series is co-organized by the COPSS Emerging Leaders in Statistics and the NISS. The purpose of the webinar series is to promote leadership skills for members of the statistical societies at any stage in their careers. The series features conversations with leaders throughout the discipline, including leaders from major academic and government institutions, and companies. Invited speakers share their leadership stories and answer questions about their experiences. Each webinar is moderated by a member of the COPSS Emerging Leaders in Statistics program.

Upcoming Schedule

Mark your calendars for upcoming webinars on these dates. Check the NISS webpage for upcoming webinars and an archive of past ones!  

(Free webinars, pre-registration required) 

YouTube Playlist of Past Webinars

Select webinars are recorded and made available on the COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar YouTube playlist.

Organizing Committee 

Lorin Crawford, Microsoft
Amita Manatunga, Emory University, COPSS
Natalie Dean, Emory University, COPSS Leadership Academy
Mary Ryan, Yale University

Planned Schedule:  12pm - 1pm ET/9am PT every month during the academic year.