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For Emerging Leaders in Statistics 

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To recognize early career statistical scientists who show evidence of and potential for leadership and who will help shape and strengthen the field.


Guiding Principles

In creating the new award, the COPSS recognizes the increasingly important role that early career statistical scientists are playing in shaping the future of the discipline.  The award is designed both to call attention to the efforts of these individuals and to provide a mechanism for them to share their vision for the field with each other and the statistical community.  The selection criteria for the award are intentionally broad and designed to highlight contributions in areas not traditionally recognized by other early career awards in the statistical sciences.  


Frequency and Term of Award

The award shall be given each year to a maximum of eight persons and announced annually at the Joint Statistical Meetings.


Nominations and Eligibility

The award is open to all junior members of the international statistical community. An eligible
candidate will have received a terminal statistically-related degree up to 10 years prior to the award
year. The eligibility period may be extended in the following circumstances and should be outlined in
the nomination letter: 

- Parental leave: extension for each child born or adopted after the PhD award for up to 12 months. If
the applicant can document a longer parental leave, the eligibility period will be extended by the
documented amount of actual leave taken.
- Long-term illness, national service, or other dependent care: extension by the documented amount of
leave taken by the candidate for each situation which occurred after the PhD award date.

Eligible candidates are expected to adhere to the highest standards of statistical practice,
professional conduct, and personal conduct; for more information see the Ethical Guidelines for
Statistical Practice published by the Committee on Professional Ethics of the American Statistical

Nominations will be accepted from October 1 to December 15 of the calendar year and may be
made by members of any of the COPSS affiliated organizations. Previous nomination does not
exclude a nominee from consideration in subsequent years, though awardees are excluded from
future nomination. No member of the Selection Committee or officer of COPSS shall be eligible
during his or her term of service. The nominator should submit a nomination packet that includes a
cover letter, a curriculum vitae and at least two but no more than three letters of support. The cover
letter must confirm the eligibility of the nominee and their willingness to be nominated, and include a
proposed citation. Other documentation may be requested by the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee members should not prepare individual nominations nor submit letters of
support, though they should actively recruit nominations for individuals they feel would be
competitive for the award.


Selection Criteria

Winners of the COPSS Emerging Leader Award will be selected based on outstanding contributions to the field of statistical science in one or more of the following areas:  education, training, and mentoring; original research and software development; impactful and ethical practice; justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; and service to the profession and to society.

Nomination Deadline for 2024 Award: December 15, 2023

A nomination packet consisting of a single PDF document (following the naming convention LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.pdf so the file name corresponds to the nominee) with the nomination letter, CV, and two or three letters of support should be sent by email attachment to Chair of the COPSS Emerging Leader Award Selection Committee.

Selection Committee (2023-2024)
  Monnie McGee ASA Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  David J Corliss (Chair) ASA Oct 2022 - Sept 2025
  Shari Messinger ENAR Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Paul Albert ENAR Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Aaditya Ramdas IMS Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Jonas Peters IMS Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Lei Sun SSC Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Derek Bingham SSC Oct 2022 - Sept 2025
  Christiana Drake WNAR Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Laura Cowen WNAR Oct 2022 - Sept 2025
  Peter Mueller COPSS Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Qi Long COPSS Oct 2023 - Sept 2026
  Lester Mackey ELA Awardee 2022 Oct 2023 - Sept 2024
  Davina Durgana ELA Awardee 2022 Oct 2023 - Sept 2024

COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series

The COPSS-NISS Leadership Webinar Series is co-organized by the COPSS Emerging Leaders in Statistics and the NISS. The purpose of the webinar series is to promote leadership skills for members of the statistical societies at any stage in their careers. You can read more about the Webinar series on our website.

Past Winners