Spending Initiatives Policy

Spending Initiatives Policy

The SRMS Executive Committee is to use the following criteria for a spending initiative: 

    Criterion 1: The spending initiative will generate a product that provides tangible benefits to SRMS members.

    Criterion 2: The spending initiative is expected to produce a valuable consolidation or expansion of the survey research literature

    Criterion 3: The spending initiative will provide substantive (positive) visibility for SRMS or survey research in the U.S. or abroad.

    Criterion 4: The spending initiative will promote increased participation of survey professionals and/or provides encouragement for a non-survey professional to enter into survey research.

Whether or not a spending initiative satisfies a criterion is a subjective decision for Executive Committee members to make.  Satisfaction of at least two these criteria in the view of an Executive Committee majority is a necessary but not sufficient condition for approval of actual spending.