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Upcoming ASA-RAS June 17th Webinar on "Statistical Issues in Agent-Based Models for Risk Assessment" by Professor David Banks

By Rajeshwari Sundaram posted 05-14-2021 17:43


Want to learn about epidemic modeling, building evacuations, weather risks? Please join us to
hear Professor David Banks of Duke University on June 17th. Details provided below.


Title: Statistical Issues in Agent-Based Models for Risk Assessment

Speaker: Professor David Banks, Duke University

Date and Time: June 17th, 2-4pm EST

Sponsor: ASA Risk Analysis Section



Agent-based models (ABMs) are computational models used to simulate the actions and interactions of agents within a system.  Usually, each agent has a relatively simple set of rules for how it responds to its environment and to other agents. These models are used to gain insight into the emergent behavior of complex systems with many agents, in which the emergent behavior depends upon the micro-level behavior of the individuals. ABMs are widely used in many fields, and this talk emphasizes the challenges that arise in the context various risk analyses (e.g., epidemics, invasive species, insurance). Relatively little work has been done on statistical theory for such models, this talk also points out some of those gaps and recent strategies to address them.

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