Best Poster Competition

Previous Award for Best Poster Competition

To be considered for the competition the presenting author must be a current member of the section and not be a current officer of the section. The poster may present a development of new methodology in risk analysis or the application of an existing method in a novel way, and will be judged based upon its relevance to the field of risk analysis. The winner will be decided at JSM and will be given $500 to help defray the cost of attendance. 

Past Awardees for Best Poster


Jung In Kim,
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Parametric Likelihood Inference for Interval Censored and Left Truncated Competing Risks Data


Yuanyuan Zhang,
University of Manchester, On Sums of Independent Generalized Pareto Random Variables with Applications to Insurance and CAT Bonds


Stephen Chan, University of Manchester, GARCH Modeling for Five Popular Commodities