Budget Submission Guidelines

Next year's section budgets are due on October 31 this year.  In the past, there has been a special location at the ASA website for budget entry.  Financial matters are no longer being handled through the website so you do not have direct access to the financial statements and budgets of prior years for reference.  This year, we will instead collect budgets using a simple Google form

As a reminder, to submit your budget, you need to complete and upload the spreadsheet that Steve Porzio ( emailed you in July. If you have misplaced it, please contact Steve and he will resend it.

We use a Google form to ensure that the information is centralized and available to various parties. This is particularly important this year, as there will be a transition in the role of COS Treasurer. We are aware that some of you raised concerns about having access to Google docs from your professional accounts (e.g., government accounts). If you are not allowed to access Google using your professional account and you do not have a personal Google account, please create a temporary one for the purpose of the submission. Then, log into Google forms using this personal (and possibly temporary) account. The form allows you then to input your preferred contact email (e.g., your government email), which we will use to reach out to you if we need to.

Section Treasurer Guidelines - Revised 2020

The Treasurer serves as a member of the Executive Committee. Some Sections combine the roles of secretary and treasurer into a single role, Secretary/Treasurer. Also, whether separate or joint, the term of varies among the Sections from 1-3 years. The responsibilities of the Treasurer include but are not limited to the following:

Executive Duties. Attends and participates in all Executive Committee meetings, Annual Business Meetings, and other Section activities. This involves a minimum of two meetings a year: the Executive Committee meeting and the Section Annual Business Meeting. Both are held during the JSM.

Financial Duties. The Treasurer should be able to find the link to the Section's budget online through Log into “Members Only” then select “My Volunteer Activities” to view the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer is expected to undertake a number of financial activities for the Section. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Monitors and reports on the Section's dues collections and expenditures
• Coaches and trains the Section Treasurer Elect and Chair Elect on the financial responsibilities and the budgeting process
• Prepares the annual budget and reports on the financial condition of the Section at Executive Committee meetings
• Submits the budget (electronically) to the ASA by October 31; however, drafting and discussion of this budget is encouraged at the preceding JSM. Submitting budgets on-time is important because they serve as a financial oversight mechanism for the COSGB.
• Submits Section’s budget under ‘My Volunteer Activities’ when logging into ‘Members Only’ from
• Contacts the COSGB Treasurer and/or the COS Fiscal Oversight Committee (FOC) with any Section questions or concerns about Section financials
• Contacts ASA to approve transfer of funds from and between Section accounts

ASA Duties. These include the following:

• Becomes cognizant of legal and tax information for the Section
• Ensures that the Section meets COS financial guidelines
• Strives to maintain less than two years' cash-on-hand by the end of each calendar year, with a written plan for how the Section intends to allocate surplus funds
• Contacts the COS Treasurer and/or the COS FOC with any Section questions or concerns about Section financial matters. May serve as a member of the FOC, if appointed by the COS Chair-Elect.
• Works with the ASA headquarters personnel in matters pertaining to the financial needs of the Section. (Actual checks are written by the ASA upon notification by the Treasurer.)
• Contacts ASA to approve transfer of funds from and between Section accounts
• Transmits copies of any financial resolutions or motions to the ASA office and any other relevant organization unless the Chair specifically assumes the responsibility for doing so
• Alerts ASA Section coordinator of changes to membership dues

Transition Duties. These duties include:

• Engages the succeeding Treasurer in the formation of a following year Section budget prior to the JSM Executive Committee meeting. Explains the process of delivering a final budget to the Association by the fall deadline.
• Introduces Treasurer-Elect to financial information per
• Explains recent policy decisions and ongoing Section business, calling attention to matters requiring immediate action
• Submits suggested updates of this section to the Secretary if needed

Section-specific Duties. The Treasurers of some Sections have responsibilities that are not required of all Sections Treasurers. The best source of information on section-specific duty is the previous section Treasurer.