2024 COS Election

Council of Sections Officers Election

Each year, the Council of Sections elects one Board of Directors Representative, one Chair-Elect, and one Vice Chair. The Board of Directors Representative is voted on by the entire ASA membership. You are able to vote for one of those candidates in the general ASA officers election which is open now.

Each Council of Sections Representative and each member of the Council of Sections Governing Board (COSGB) gets to vote for the COSGB Chair-Elect and Vice Chair. Cast your vote using the link found at the bottom of this page. 

The candidates for Board of Directors Representative (candidate bios and statements are available to view during the general ASA officers election) are:

Sharina Person

Shuo Chen

Council of Sections Representatives vote for these positions - Deadline to vote is May 3

The candidates for COSGB Chair-Elect are (click on name to view candidate bio and statement):

John Finamore

Robert A. Oster

The candidates for COSGB Vice Chair are (click on name to view candidate bio and statement):

Chris Barker 

Andrea J. Cook