Annual Questionnaire


It is important to the ASA and its members that sections and interest groups are performing well by

    (1) engaging with their membership

    (2) delivering the services and resources that benefit current members per charter objectives 

    (3) promoting their activities to attract new members

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect data to inform the Council of Sections (COS), Council of Sections Governing Board (COSGB), and the ASA Board of the activities of all sections and interest groups, and to provide the COSGB with information it can use to assist sections in strengthening and promoting their work.

The questionnaire consists of two parts

  • Required questions about section or interest group activities
  • An optional highlighting of new activities or plans for the next year

Click Here to begin submitting the SECTION Annual Questionnaire 

Click Here to begin submitting the INTEREST GROUP Annual Questionnaire

If you would like to preview the questions that will be asked, here are PDF versions of the Section Annual Questionnaire and the Interest Group Annual Questionnaire 

Here are the word versions: 

Worksheet for 2023 Section Survey

Worksheet for 2023 IG Survey