Privacy Policy

NV-ASA Privacy Policy


The Nevada Chapter of the American Statistical Association (NV-ASA) shares its parent organization's "strong commitment to privacy, balanced by the recognition that we are a public association."  This statement discloses policies and procedures concerning information gathering and dissemination practices by NV-ASA through event and membership registration, and other communications between members and other persons involved in its events and other activities.

We collect information from such persons including contact information, affiliation and job title, billing, and purchasing information (e.g., for memberships and event registrations).  This information is used for administrative purposes and to communicate chapter and event information to members and event participants.  NV-ASA thanks you for trusting us with your data.  To reciprocate your trust, we promise to never sell your data to a third party.  Chapter officers may only use your data for chapter business, and they have a responsibility to maintain the integrity and security of your data.  We will not collect information about you that is not necessary for chapter operations,, nor will we make your information publicly available without your consent.

Members can access and edit the data we have on them through our Wild Apricot account, or may requrest corrections by contacting the chapter Treasurer.  Members can also set their privacy settings in Wild Apricot.  Separately, anyone on our mailing list can opt out of receiving information from us by contacting the chapter Secretary.  Our Wild Apricot account is governed by its own privacy policy which may be found here:

See also our parent organization's privacy policy: