Vision and Mission Statement


To be a dynamic national resource that actively influences:

  • the development and application of statistical methods for environmental problems,
  • the interpretation and communication of environmental data and findings,
  • the identification, study and resolution of statistical problems leading to cogent policies addressing public health, ecological, economic and other consequences of environmental contamination and alteration,
  • and the advancement of research and education in environmental statistics.



To provide opportunities for communication and activity about environmental statistics encompassing relevant problems, issues and policies in statistics, environmental science, government, industry, academia, research and education.

To make available a newsletter, conferences, workshops, proceedings, special topic meetings, continuing education, and other opportunities for professional interchange and growth to Section and ASA members and others.

To engage in outreach to other organizations, disciplines and groups to advance the use of sound statistical methods and practices in the environmental arena, and to ensure continued mutual enrichment of statistical and environmental science through contributions to improved environmental understanding.

To provide advice and guidance on issues in environmental science, management and regulation, particularly regarding the design, collection, analysis, interpretation and integration of environmental data and information.