ENVR 2022 Workshop: Environmental and Ecological Statistical Research and Applications with Societal Impacts

The ENVR 2022 Workshop: Environmental and Ecological Research with Societal Impacts is the biannual meeting of the Statistics and the Environment Section of the American Statistical Association to be held in Provo, UT on October 6-8, 2022.  The ENVR 2022 workshop has the following goals: (i) facilitate inter-disciplinary research collaboration by sharing ideas and discussing future directions of environmental statistics and data science (ESDS); (ii) provide a venue for ESDS scientists to present novel ideas in the field; and, (iii) develop young talent in ESDS by holding short courses and a student data competition.  Scientific sessions of the workshop will focus on data science and statistical methods for relevant environmental topics with societal impacts. Such topics include statistical methods for water applications, quantifying uncertainty in natural hazards and climate statistics. These sessions will touch on important modern topics in ESDS such as, but not limited to, data collected on non-Euclidean spaces such as river networks, analyzing rare-event data and extreme values and analysis of large environmental databases. In each of these sessions, scientists will present state-of-the-art methods in ESDS uniquely suited to address the statistical challenges associated with the environmental data.

Organizing Committee:
  • Kathi Irvine
  • Chris Wikle
  • Candace Berrett
  • Mandy Hering
  • Matt Heaton (local organizer)