Previous Award Winners

We are currently attempting to reconstruct the historical list of section award winners.  If you have any information on who won what award when, please contact the webmaster at

Best Topic-Contributed Session
2021 Nayak Polissar The Mountain-Whisper-Light: Statistics & Data Science
2020 Doug Zahn Florida State University
2019 Shuyan Wan Merck & Co., Inc.
2017 Gary Sullivan Eli Lilly and Co.
2016 Nikola Andric Deloitte Consulting LLP
2014 Julia Sharp Clemson
2013 Li Qin Senior Research Scientist,

Best Contributed Paper
2021 Eric Vance University of Colorado, Boulder
2020 Michiko Wolcott Msight Analytics
2019 Naomi Brownstein Moffitt Cancer Center
2018 Viviana Rodriguez, Adam Sima, Brian S Di Pace
2017 Rachel Jia Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
2016 Katherine Monti Rho, Inc.
2014 Emanuel Msemo Virginia Tech
2013 Jason Parcon Principal Scientist, Statistics Group, PepsiCo Global R&D

Best Student Contributed Poster
2021 Sophia Luo Stanford University
2019 Iram Usman and Rhonda Rosychuk
2017 Dou-Yan Yang University of Wisconsin-Madison
2016 Maxwell Luetkemeier Loyola University Chicago
2014 Meng-Ru Cheng, Amylou Dueck, Evan P. Kransdorf, Octavio E. Pajaro and Yu Hui Chang Mayo
2013 Andrew Hoegh  Graduate Student, Virginia Tech

Outstanding Mentor Award
2021 Julia Sharp Colorado State University
2020 Shing Lee Columbia University
2019 Eric Vance Virginia Tech
2017 Manisha Desai Stanford University

Outstanding Service Award (given every 3 years)
2019 Janice Derr U.S. Food and Drug Administration