Private Consultant Networking Group

Consultants of all types are welcome to join the "Meet-Up for Statistical Consultants."

Meeting times and a Zoom link can be obtained from Dave Shilane (

This group includes a mix of private, academic, and industry statistical consultants. The group is intended for networking, talking shop, and overcoming obstacles in our collaborations.  Not every discussion is purely about the business model or methodological concerns; sometimes it's more social or personal in nature. The group has developed a network of smart, collegial people who can give advice on a wide range of topics.  The group desires to be an excellent sounding board. In the past they've provided feedback on teaching materials, software packages, research design problems, collaborative challenges on consulting projects, and handling stress. Some members have gotten referrals from other regular members.  There are discussions on topics as diverse as FDA clinical trials, implementing machine learning models at a broad scale, and handling department politics in academia.