FAQ for Section Members


Why should I become a member of the Section on Statistical Consulting?

The section is geared towards helping you succeed and advance in your career as a statistical consultant and collaborator.  The section

  • sponsors an annual JSM program that provides guidance to your job and career
  • provides regular webinars
  • maintains an active message board
  • helps you connect to collaborators through the ASA Consultant Directory
  • facilitates opportunities to publish your collaborative work in special issues of statistics journals.
  • adds new content and resources to a redesigned microsite regularly
  • facilitates several networking groups,
  • offers several awards for JSM submissions and career achievements.

Who joins the Section on Statistical Consulting?

Although we work in a wide variety of settings and diverse applications, the one unifying aspect of our Section members is that we all consult and collaborate with other researchers. ASA members join this section to develop consulting and collaboration skills and to advance their careers in these areas. This section provides the bridge from theory and methodological development to application. Our section members can show those interested in methodology development how to find questions that need methodological innovation.

Where can I find the Section’s mission statement?

That’s easy!  Find it here

How can I be involved in the section?

The best way to take advantage of all the section offers is to volunteer!  You will get to know other section members, expand your network, and offer your services to develop new tools and resources that will assist the section. The section offers multiple ways to be involved. Consider joining a committee or even running for election as part of the Section’s Executive Committee.  Contact a current section officer for more information. 

How can the ASA Directory of Statistical Consultants be best utilized?

The ASA directory has many potential uses: for clients seeking to find a consultant for a project, for statisticians seeking fellow collaborators, and for ASA members looking to network with like-minded individuals. Please keep your profile updated so it can be maximally utilized.

Can I advertise my consulting business on the message board?

We support private consultants through the ASA directory and a portal for clients to post requests for consultants.  Please avoid advertisements for commercial products and services.

How can I contribute material to the microsite?

Great question!  Send your suggestions to the current Section chair.  The chair will convene the Section’s Website Committee to consider your requests.

Didn’t the Section used to publish a newsletter? Where can I find the archived copies?

Yep, we’ve got those archived. And for transparency we also post the Executive Committee meeting minutes, Treasurer’s Report, and annual Business Meeting minutes.  All file attachments in the message board get saved as well.

How do I join the Section?

When you renew your ASA membership or join ASA, just check the box for the Statistical Consulting Section. The annual fee is about the same as your morning coffee. And the ASA offers the opportunity to join a new section free for a year.

Should students join the Section?

Yes! Students participate on the Section’s Executive Committee, help plan webinars, and access consulting resources and the message board. And students can receive an award for the Best Contributed Poster. Student membership is just $1.

I’m thinking of starting my own consulting business. Does the Section provide any assistance?

Please consult the Guidebook, which provides a list of considerations in starting or operating your consulting business.