Intro and Mission Statement

Welcome to the Statistical Consulting Section

The Statistical Consulting Section of the ASA represents all ASA members involved in the practice of statistics. Our membership embraces statistical practitioners who apply methodology to solve challenging questions within and across a wide array of disciplines including agriculture, business, finance, pharmaceuticals, psychology, public policy, economics, medicine, public health, epidemiology, among others. A major goal of the section is to foster a community of statistical practitioners across such a diverse set of disciplines. The skillset required to achieve excellence in the practice of statistics is diverse and includes technical skills as well as communication skills. This latter skill set encompasses a broad area that often involves engagement in and understanding of team science. Specifically, practicing statisticians often rely on the ability to communicate technical ideas to a non-statistical audience and collaborate with others across multiple disciplines to jointly solve challenging questions.

The mission of the ASA Statistical Consulting Section is to support ASA members in the practice of statistics in the following ways:

  • Foster a community that welcomes diverse viewpoints
  • Bridge collaborations across members (connecting needs with resources)
  • Promote and nurture career development
  • Facilitate mentorship and sponsorship
  • Provide a forum for intellectual exchange of ideas on the practice of statistics
  • Provide resources for achieving excellence in the practice of statistics
  • Provide resources for establishing one’s own statistical practice

You can lookup our current and past officers. read our Section Charter, or learn about our history in one poster.