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Operations Research Analyst Position Available

  • 1.  Operations Research Analyst Position Available

    Posted 07-14-2017 19:45

    The Contractor shall provide analysis support that accomplishes a variety of research projects, studies and ad hoc assignments associated with all aspects of the Navy Recruiting Command I-IQ, located in Millington, TN. The contractor shall provide technical expertise with the ability to apply knowledge of operations research principles, process analysis, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, programming, and analytical judgment to autonomously complete assignments of high complexity in a dynamic work environment. The contractor personnel shall possess significant computational programming skills utilizing R-Analytics Software, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and/or Python. Additionally, the contractor personnel shall possess strong skills in Microsoft Office applications to include Excel VBA. The contractor shall complete and deliver all assigned products by a mutually agreed upon deadline within quality standards.

    All assigned work shall include but will not be limited to the following:

    • The contractor shall perform mathematical modeling, specifically with regression and classification methods, to include Classification and Regression Trees (CART) in order to build predictive ·models that · provide senior leadership with the necessary analytical support for decision making.
    • The contractor shall conduct. both parametric and non-parametric tests of significance in order to scope problems, set up applicable test(s) of significance and conduct test(s) of significance in order to guide decision makers in their decisions.
    • The contractor shall be required to apply advanced analytical methods to a myriad of problems that can and should only be solved using methods such as simulation, linear programming, neural networks and/or cluster analysis.
    • The contractor shall perform exploratory data analysis skills for importing, cleaning, transforming, joining, and validating data in both structured and unstructured formats from both internal and external sources with the purpose of exploring, interpreting and applying advanced analytical methods to the data in order to   draw relevant and applicable conclusions to help with the decision making process.
    • The contractor shall present data using the appropriate and applicable data visualization vehicle, to include charts, graphs, tables, and pdf. Additionally, the contractor shall create, update and maintain analytical reports on a routine basis.
    • The contractor shall perform building complex data queries in order to download structured data from NRC 's internal data warehouse.
    • The contractor shall submit work that is analytically sound, valid and at the Flag and Senior Civilian level quality.
    • Contact Keith Salmon at keith@salmongroupinc.com or (240) 461-4458

    Shamarick Paradise
    Operations Research Analyst
    Navy Recruiting Command