Reference point: You are Secretary / Treasurer in years and n+1 (two-year term)

This table includes regular deadlines and tasks for the Secretary / Treasurer, plus some information about what was done in the most recent year or years. It does not include special initiatives that the Section may undertake in a specific year.



March of Year n-1

ASA elections are held in March and results are available

before the JSM in August (memorandum has come out in June in the past). You have been elected in March of Year n-1 to serve as Secretary / Treasurer in years n and n+1.

August of Year n-1

To get familiarity with officers and position, attend functions at JSM. There is usually a meeting sponsored by the Council on Sections for newly-elected Section officers. Although you are not formally a member of the Section’s Executive Committee at JSM in year n-1, you are strongly encouraged to participate in the Section’s Executive Committee meeting and general business meeting in year n-1 at the JSM and any other section activities that are appropriate. Meet the current Secretary / Treasurer, get on executive committee and Secretary / Treasurer email lists. Arrange for transfer of information.

January of Year n

You are now Secretary / Treasurer of the Section and a member of the Executive Committee. Get information from previous Secretary / Treasurer.

-- Make sure that Executive Committee knows that expenditures should go through you because the Section Treasurer is the one who provides the authorization for the expenditure to ASA. Currently a simple email to Steve Porzio will suffice (

-- Note that we currently publish proceedings jointly with two other sections: Statistical Education and Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences.


Use spreadsheet or other method to track expenditures through the year and keep Chair up-to-date on this.

March of Year n

The chair will ask for your input on major initiatives that the Section plans for Year n+1, especially ones that have an impact on the budget. This is due in to ASA in May.

April of Year n

The chair will ask for your input on the budget for Year n+1. A preliminary budget is due in to ASA in May.

To help with the budget building process, update spreadsheet showing draft and actual budgets summaries for years n-1 and earlier. Send copy to chair.

Early May of Year n

Budget for year n+1 is due (May 15). Confer with chair (and chair-elect) about this.

Late May of Year n

Plan to either attend JSM or find someone to do the following at both the Executive Committee and general business meetings: Present previous minutes and treasurer’s report and take minutes.

July of Year n

Get 2 sets of previous minutes and 1 treasurer’s report ready for JSM. Make about 25 copies of each to hand out at the executive committee meeting, and to have some copies on hand for the general business meeting.

August of Year n

Attend the Section’s meetings at the JSM (Executive Committee, general business meeting, and possibly others). Present minutes and report. Take minutes.

Soon after JSM, post new minutes on web.

September of Year n

The ASA wants a final version of the budget by the end of September. Chair-elect is in charge of this. He/she will work with you to submit one. Send appropriate spreadsheets to chair-elect.

January of Year n+1

Begin second year as Secretary / Treasurer. Repeat tasks of year n.

Throughout Year

Repeat tasks of previous year (n)

June of Year n+1

Contact incoming Secretary / Treasurer for year n+2. Send task and time line.

January of Year n+1

Send records to new Secretary / Treasurer. You should pass on the wisdom that you have gained since year n-1 by updating this document and adding your name at the bottom.

Those who have contributed their wisdom to this document:
Janice Derr, 1999 Section Chair
Cliff Pereira, 1998-99 Secretary/Treasurer