Past Events

STEM Symposium

ASA Co-Sponsor! The 4th Annual STEM Symposium:
The Future of Technology – Where Are We Headed

When:Monday, October 22, 6:00-9:00 pm   

Location:Science & Engineering Hall B1220

This event is for students pursuing industry, research, and academic careers 
in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) disciplines.Topics discussed will include: AI, Machine Learning, Gene Therapy& Biotechnology, Robotics, Energy, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Ethical Implications, and the Environment.

Panel of outstanding alumni and e
xperts will give professional talk. Also, rotational Roundtable Discussions on Future Careers in STEM with employers form Amazon, Mitre, CAE, US EPA, FDA, General Dynamics are waiting for you!

Come and sign up at handshake!  Enjoy our light refreshments~

For deeper participation and closer touch with experts and alumni, contact Jialu via

Career in Statistics and Data Science

  • Hear from and ask questions to hiring officials on how to posture themselves to make the leap from classroom to workplace.
  • continue the discussion more personally and afterwards during the social hour for unmatched networking opportunities.
 Location      Room 223, Funger Hall (2201 G St NW)
 Agenda:      Saturday, 1 April

10:15-11:45  Panel/presentations

  • Christine Wagner, McKinley 
  • Binbing Yu, AstraZeneca/MedImmune
  • Pin Ren, MedImmune
  • Siyu Qing, Ernst & Young
  • David Morganstein, Westat and George Mason Statistics Department advisory board
  • Gonzalo Rivero, Westat

 12:45-1:45  Panel/presentations

  • Alex Engler, Urban Institute
  • Balint Peto Summit
  • Victoria Puryear, Summit
  • Diana Liu, Gallup Organization

 2:00-2:45  Panel/presentations

  • Ronaldo Iachan, ICF International
  • Michael Yang, NORC
  • Darryl Creel, RTI

  2:45-4:00    Networking/social

  Poster   please click POSTER.pdf

POC email
Arnold Saunders, 
The Washington Statistical Society, with generous assistance from the George Mason and George Washington University Student Chapter of the American Statistical Association
Xiaoyu Cai, Fan Wang 
Guest Seminar Series Specialists: 
Arnold Saunders, Xiaoyu Zhai
 Web Admin:
Yuntao Deng, Xiaoyan Yin
 A special note to alumni:
Statistics and biostatistics program alumni are welcome at Chapter events.
Sponsors:American Statistical Association, The George Washington University and The George Washington University
Panel on Careers in Statistics---- Voice from Statisticans

                                                                                      Date/Time: Friday, April 8th, 3:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

                                        Location: Room 204, Rome Hall, 801 22 nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052


                                           Employer:                        Robert Tortora, Senior Fellow of Survey Methodology, ICF Intl

                                     Master Level Employee:  Fan Lu, SAS Developer/Programmer, Sabre Systems Inc.

                                                                                       Natalia Weil, Consulting Analyst, Gallup                 

                                              Ph.D. Level Employee:   Ravi Kalpathy, Clinical Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America

                                                                              Zhenyu Liu, Senior Manager, Quantitative Econ and Statistics, Ernst& Young



see record click here

Summer Intern Sharing Panel

                                                                                         Date/Time: Friday, September 16th, 2016, From 2:45PM to 4:30 PM

  Location: Rome Hall, Room 206, 801 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052


                                                                                         Bihan Lei, Master Candidate of Statistics, Data Analyst Intern, Center for Economic Analysis, PCAOB

                                                                                         Jordan MishraStatistician, Census Bureau

                                                                                         Mengjie Chen, Master Candidate of Statistics, Data Analyst Intern, Telemet America, Inc.

                                                                                         Wanying ZhaoPh. D Candidate of Statistics, Biostatistics Intern III, Gilead Sciences

Company Information Session -Amarex Clinical Research

                                                                                             Date/Time: Friday, September 23rd, 2016, 4:00-5:00 pm

                                                                                             Location: Room 310, Media & Public Affairs Bldg (805 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20052)

                                                                                             Speaker:  Dr. Kazem Kazempour - President and CEO, Amarex Clinical Research 

                                                                                              Topic: Role of Statistician in Clinical Trials and Drug Development / FDA Approval



Career Path Sharing Panel ---- Working with Visa for international Student


Date/Time: Friday, October 14, 2016, From 3:00 PM to 4:10 PM 

            Location: Rome Hall, Room 206, 801 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052

                                  Speaker: Diana (Xiaojiao) Liu Client Service Associate Consultant, Statistician in Gallup

Guest Seminar Panel ---- The Census, Statistics &the Supreme Court: The Exciting Life of a Federal Statistician

                                                                             Date/Time: Friday, October 28th, 2016, 2:50-4:15 pm

Room 359, Duques Hall (2201 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052)                                                                          

                                                                                                    Speakers:  Dr. Howard Hogan - Chief Demographer, US Census Bureau

      A brief biography of Dr. Howard Hogan:
     Dr. Howard Hogan is the Chief Demographer of the US Census Bureau. During his career, he has worked on four      population censuses, population estimation, as well as household and business surveys. His work includes the classification      of race and data on same-sex- marriages. He has worked on several cases involving statistics, the Constitution and the law.      He holds a Ph.D. from Princeton’s Office of Population Research, and a Masters of Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson                                                                                              School. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American Statistical Association.   

Guest Seminar Panel ---- Modeling human internet browsing for cybersecurity research

                                                                                                             Date/Time: Friday, 18 November, 2:00-3:00 pm

                                                                                                             Location: Room 309, Media & Public Affairs Building (805 21st Street, NW)

                                                                                                             Speaker:  Nick Kaufman, Junior Data Scientist at Noblis

     Speaker Biography:

      Nick Kaufman is a Junior Data Scientist and Python developer at Noblis, a nonprofit science, tech       strategy organization. He has a Masters and undergraduate degrees in Mathematics from the University of Delaware (2015)       and the University of Central Florida (2013).

Guest Seminar Panel ---- Innovative Designs in Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials           

                                                                  Date/Time: Friday, 3rd February, 2:00-4:30 pm

                                                                                          Location: Room 152, Duques Hall (2201 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20052)

                                                                                          Speaker:  Mingxiu Hu, Head of Global Statistics and Statistical Programming at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

           Speaker Biography: Mingxiu Hu is the Head of Global Statistics and Statistical Programming at Takeda      Pharmaceuticals. He has a Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Statistics from Peking University (1992) and The George      Washington University (1998) and  has a Maters degree in Biology from Brown University.

click here to check interview questions in clinic trial area GWU Career Discussion.pptx

Guest Seminar Panel ---- The Promise of Central Statistical Monitoring


    Date/Time: Friday, February 17rd, 2017, 1:50-3:00 pm

Location: Room 223, Funger Hall (2201 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20052)

   Speaker:  Dr. Anne Lindblad

                  -President and chief executive officer of The Emmes Corporation

   Topic: The Promise of Central Statistical Monitoring


When we analyze clinical trial data we assume the data we receive correctly reflect the data collected from trial participants per the plan of the written protocol.  Sponsors typically have assumed that quality can be assured by on-site monitoring and source document verification.  This type of monitoring is expensive and can account for 15-30% of clinical trial costs.  Sponsors frequently required 100% source document monitoring of 100% of the data collected for a study. As statisticians, we know that this extent of monitoring is not necessarily required to protect the integrity of the analysis and recent evidence suggests on-site monitoring by itself may fall short of the ultimate objective.  In 2014 the FDA recognized the value of a risk-based monitoring approach in a published Guidance.1 The potential value of centralized monitoring using statistical techniques will be illustrated with results from two investigations, one sponsored by the Food and Drug Association and one by Transcelerate Biopharma Inc, a non-profit organization with a mission of investigating best practices for the clinical trial enterprise.


Biopharmaceutical Industry Information Session

Date/Time: Friday, April 27th, 2018, 3:30-5:00 pm, followed by a mixer.

            Location:    Room 152, Duquès Hall (2201 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052),
                                 then (mixer) Room 771, Rome Hall (801 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052).

            Speaker: Dr Kannan Natarajan, Head of Global Biometrics and Data  Management, Global Products Development, Pfizer Inc.
Consulting Info. Session

                Date/Time: Friday, April 20th, 3:00-5:30 PM.

              Location:   Room 359, DUQUES HALL (2201 G St NW) 

              Agenda:     3:00-3:30PM   Arrival/Check-In

                                 3:30-5:00PM    Presentations

  •                                      Darryl Creel: Statistician at RTI.

  •                                      Dr. Gonzalo Rivero: Senior Statistician at WESTAT.

  •                                      Dr. Ronaldo Iachan: Technical Director at ICF International Inc

  •                                      Wagner Christine: Research Manager at MCKINLEY-ADVISOR.

                                  5:00-5:30PM Q&A
 US Workplace Culture and Etiquette Workshop

               Date/Time: Saturday, 7 April, 2:00-3:30 pm
              Location:    Room 111 Phillips Hall (801 22 St NW)
              Speakers:   Tommye Lynn Grant
                                   Winting Shi
                                   Abdul Rashid

Alumni Career Panel 

                          Date/Time: Saturday, March 22th, 3:00-5:30 PM.

                       Location: Room 103, Funger Hall (2201 G St NW);

                       Agenda:    3:00-3:15PM   Arrival/Check-In

                                        3:15-5:00PM   Panel/Presentations

                                                     Cheung Li:     Biostatistician at National Cancer Institute

                                                    Wayne Woo:  Expert Biostatistician at GSK vaccines

                                                     Guoxi Yan:     Product Release Manager at ASEE

                                                    Yuqing Lu:     Financial Analysist at Kaiser Permanent

                                                    Haijun Wang: Data Analysist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

                                        5:00-5:30PM   Q&A/ Networking

DSC01596.jpg DSC01599.jpg DSC01572.jpg

Workshop for PhD Application

            DATE AND TIME: 
 Friday, October 27 th , 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

         SPEAKERS:         Professor Tapan K. Nayak: Professor of Statistics, GWU Statistics Department

Area of Expertise: Inference, Prediction, Software Reliability, Randomized Response

                                                                          Design, Disclosure Avoidance

                                           Professor Hosam M. Mahmoud: Professor of Statistics, GWU Statistics Department

                                                        Area of Expertise: Probabilistic analysis of algorithms, Random discrete structure.

                                          Professor Emre Barut: Assistant Professor, GWU Statistics Department

                                                       Area of Expertise: High Dimensional Statistics, Variable Selection, Robust Statistics,

                                          Professor Ravi Kalpathy: Clinical Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America

                                                Area of Expertise: Probabilistic analysis of algorithms, Applied probability

                                          PhD Candidate Fan Wang: Fourth year PhD candidate, GWU Statistics Department


            Residual Analysis Seminar

                         DATE AND TIME
Wednesday, November 15th, 2017, 4:00-5:00 pm.

                        LOCATION:             Media & Public Affairs Building, Room B07 (805 21st St NW, Washington, DC, 20052)

                        SPEAKERS:            Mike Jadoo :Co-organizer of Statistical Seminars in Meetup
                                                                           and working in Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
                                                         Zekai Chen : VP of GWU ASA Student Chapter and a 2nd year graduate student  at GWU.
                                                         Bo Ye :          VP of GWU ASA Student Chapter and a 2nd year graduate student at GWU. 


1171984579.jpg 2018050164.jpg 810775128.jpg

Geo-Spatial Analysis in R workshop

Speaker: Mike Jadoo (Economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics) from the Washington Statistical Society (WSS)
- THIS FRIDAY EVENING - October 26th 7-8:30 pm in Duques Hall room 251  - If you want to join please reply to this email by 12 pm tomorrow (10/24) (sorry for such short notice!)
Abstract:  The R statistical programming software has many packages to create geospatial images for analysis or reporting purposes.  In this presentation we will cover how to create   different  geospatial maps as well as some statistical measures that can be used for analysis.
  • Overview on R programming
  • Vocabulary
  • Finding the data
  • Fixing/examining the data
  • Using geographical statistics for analysis
  • Creating the map  - CHOROPLETHR
  • Creating maps using ggmap
  • Creating maps using leaflet
  • Creating maps using micromapper
  • Some experiences using maps at work
  • About the WSS
- There will be pizza and drinks provided
- Extra perks: 
     - For anyone who comes to this event can get a free 1-year membership to the Washington Statistical Society
     - There will be a raffle for at least one geographical and spatial statistics book

 Time Events 
05.03.2019 Alumni Career Panel
04.27.2019 UMBC Probability Day
03.22.2019 Officer Election
02.20.2019 WSS HAPPY HOUR
02.07.2019 After Inc. Info Session
01.29.2019 Free ASA and WSS Application
11.16.2018 Nonclinical Biostatistics Seminar
11.02.2018 PhD Application Workshop
10.26.2018 Geo-Spatial Analysis in R workshop
04.27.2018 Biopharmaceutical Industry Info. Session
04.20.2018 Consulting Career Info. Session
04.07.2018 US workplace Culture & Etiquette Workshop
03.22.2018 Alumni Career Panel
11.15.2017 Residual Analysis Seminar
 10.27.2017 Workshop for PhD Application
04.01.2017 Careers in Statistics and Data Science
03.28.2017 Company on Campus Information session and Interview - After, Inc
02.01.2017  GWU ASA Student Chapter is Recruiting 
 11.10.2016  GWU ASA Student Chapter are opening to start up clubs,  please check '"Clubs" page 
 08.25.2016   NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon will host in New York City, September 24
04.08.2016 Congratulation for the complete success of the first career panel!  
02.27.2016 Congratulation for new board of the year of 2016-2017 in GWU ASA Student Chapter

PhD Application Workshop

Dear all:

GWU ASA Student Chapter is going to have a PhD Application Workshop this Friday Nov 2nd, 1pm to 2pm at Rome Hall 352. Four professors from Statistics and Biostatistics Department will show up and advise your about application of Statistics and Biostatistics PhD programs in Fall 2019. All of our professors are highly experienced and know well about the admission process. Questions we hope to address at the workshop include:

How should, if at all, prospective students select a research area during the application process?

What makes an application and, in particular, a personal statement stand out?

Should student network with professors during the application process?

If so, what are the best ways to do so?

What is PhD student life like?

What unexpected challenges are in store for students once accepted?

Also, two current statistics PhD candidates will talk about their PhD life. Each panelist will speak for 10-15 minutes and then field questions from the audience for the remainder of the hour. Please feel free to sign up and you will benefit a lot from their insights. We are looking forward to seeing you then!  


Nonclinical Biostatistics Seminar

Date/Time: Friday, November 16th, 2018

Agenda:   12:30-1:00pm Refreshments

                   1:00 - 2:00pm Seminar

Location: Room 152, Duquès Hall (2201 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052).

Speaker: Binbing Yu, Associate director of Medimmune

                Wei Zhao, Science Associate Director, Medimmune

Topic: The 2019 NCB Conference and the Research Focus of its Sponsor Medimmune

Abstract: The 2019 Nonclinical Biostatistics Conference will be held at Rutgers University next June wherenonclinical statisticians will attend, and students are also highly encouraged to attend as well. Associate directors from Medimmune will be speaking about this conference in detail. Medimmune is an industry leader with a focus on Molecular Vaccines. They manufacture and market more than 40 drugs in the United States. Our speakers will introduce their company’s research and positions as well as the discovery process and development of new drugs. In particular, the Bliss Independence Model, which is used in drug combination studies, will be explained in detail as an example.

Hosts:  The George Washington University Student Chapter of the American Statistical Association and the George Washington University Department of Statistics.

Sign Up Link

Free ASA and WSS Application End Jan29th

Hello everyone,

The GWU ASA Student Chapter now has budget for students who want have membership of American Statistical Association and Washington Statistical Society. Please fill out the attachment if you are interested in, and reply this email with your application before Jan 29th (next Tuesday). Here are the instructions. 
Membership Selection Guide: Please select "STUDENT" only.
ASA Publications: Please select at most two publications you would like to receive.
Personal Information: Please fill out your name, organization(GWU), mailing address, phone number and email clearly.
                                   Please leave the other places blank.
Payment Information: Please leave the whole part blank.
Local Chapters: Please select "DC Washington Statistical Society(DC Metro Area)".
Section Membership: Please leave the whole section blank.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Wish you all have a great weekend!
GWU ASA Student Chapter

After Inc. Info Session


Founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Fulcrum Analytics in Norwalk Connecticut, After Inc. is a leading firm in the warranty industry that brings together marketing, strategy, analytics and technology in a unique package to drive increased profits for its clients. The company is seeking full-time Statisticians who will work with advanced analytics group to deliver statistical analyses and modeling results to its clients. Its senior manager and GWU alumni will come and give an info session for advertising their company as well as available positions. Student with interested are highly encouraged to register through this link, and apply through this link before the info session. After Inc. is E-Verified company and sponsors H1-B visas. Selected candidates will be noticed via email and have on-site interviews on Feb 7th and 8th. In the meantime, students with interest in consulting company are also highly welcomed. You can ask questions and hear from area hiring managers on how to best posture yourself to successfully make the leap from the classroom to the workplace. One of the many benefits from coming to the event includes gaining firsthand experience from professionals, developing connections with others who are striving for the same goal, and meanwhile  meeting some new friends.


  • Thursday February 7th,   3:00PM-4:00PM,  1957 E STREET 113

Introduction and Company Overview Presentation

  • Thursday February 7th ,    4:40PM-6:00PM,   MONROE HALL 351&252

On-campus Interviews (location and time to be announced individually)

  • Friday     February 8th,   9:00AM-12:00PM,.MONROE HALL 115&252

On-campus Interviews (location and time to be announced individually)


Speakers:  Bora Lee - Sr. Manager

Chang Liu - Sr. Analyst


Sponsors: After, Inc.,  GWU ASA Student Chapter


POC email:  Jialu Wang:,  Mengfei Liu:


Hey Everyone!
We wanted to alert you all of a couple of opportunities. 
1. Happy Hour with Washington Statistical Society (WSS) right near campus at District Commons (2200 Pennsylvania Ave) this Wednesday (2/20) at 4:30-6:30! See attached for details. It will be a great networking opportunity to meet professional statisticians and data scientists in the Washington DC area. 
2. Biopharmaceutical Section Scholarship Award ( The Biopharmaceutical Section Scholarship Award was established in 2018 by the Biopharmaceutical Section of the American Statistical Association to recognize notable research, academic achievement, and applied project work related to the area of biopharmaceutical statistics. The award will also consider general academic performance, leadership, volunteering, and service. Annually, up to three students will each receive an award of $1000.
Hope your semesters are all going well! Stay tuned for future opportunities!