Data Mining Club


The Data Mining Club of George Washington University was founded in 2016, aiming at helping students master sophisticated but useful algorithms for preprocessing and mining large volumes of data. Rapid advances in data collection and storage technology have enabled organizations to accumulate vast amounts of data. However, extracting useful information has proven extremely challenging.
There are mainly two types of activities in our club. On one hand, we hold discussion sessions every week with corresponding topics and invite speakers to give lectures. On the other hand, we practice on some data problems as training to help members better understand how to use the algorithms and finally get fully prepared to participate the data mining competitions. It is worth mentioning that our club won the 15th among all teams in the worls and the first prize among all American teams in the Data Mining Cup 2018.

Club Leader: Shiqi Dong (Ph.D Candidate in Statistics) Email:
To join us, please send email to our club leader.