Events this year

Info session of Amarex with employment opportunity

Date: Friday, March 18th
Time : 2 pm to 3 pm
Location: Online(Zoom)

This Friday, March 18th, we are holding an info session of Amarex clinical research LLC on Zoom (click for link). We are pleased to invite Mrs. Hana Mekonnen, the senior vice president of Biometric department and Ms. Haiyin Wu, a senior statistician at Amarex to give us a talk. Mrs. Mekonnen has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years and is a real expert in clinical trials. Ms. Wu is also an experienced statistician and has independently led many studies.

During this info session, Mrs. Mekonnen and Ms. Wu will introduce Amarex to us and its impact in the fields. They would also share their precious working experience in stat/biostat areas and enlighten us with helpful suggestions. You will also have the opportunity to know how to apply the statistical theory we have learnt in practical clinical studies.

Currently Amarex is also actively hiring statisticians & summer interns and a few positions would be offered to our Master's students. For those seeking employment during summer or after graduation, Amarex is the perfect place to start your career! So join us in this event!

Student Chapter Info session

Friday, Sept 16th
1:00-2:00pm @ Media & Public Affairs Bldg MPA 305: Information Session

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PhD Application Panel

Date/Time: Friday, Nov 4th, 10:30-11:30 AM.
Location: MPA 305
We are honored to invite five knowledgeable professors, including Prof. Feifang Hu, Prof. Judy Wang, Prof. Hosam M. Mahmoud, Prof. Qing Pan, and Prof. Tapan Nayak to form up the panel. Here they will share their valuable suggestions and identify the common mistakes in applications. For those who are interested in PhD applications, this event is a perfect fit and you may not want to miss it! It will greatly help you organize and improve your applications. But not just about the PhD application, this panel has gathered the most experienced minds in our department so any questions in your academic life is welcomed! It is a great opportunity for everyone to seek some professional advice. Don’t miss out this precious chance to connect with the professors and listen to some enlightening insights!


Internship Lightning Talks

Time: November 4th (Friday), 2022, 1-2 pm
Location: MPA 305

Panelists include:
1. Weixiao Dai - GWU Biostatistics Center, Biostatistician
2. Lei Song - FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), ORISE Fellow
3. Mengqiu Zhu - JPMorgan Chase, Quantitative Analytics Summer Associate
4. Jiashu Xue - Haitong International Securities, Equity Research Summer Analyst
5. Anlan Chen - Amarex Clinical Research, Statistician Intern
6. Jiaqian Yu - Amazon, Data Scientist Intern (Moderator) During the event, you can hear about various types of internship experiences you can get as a graduate student, from your very own peers! Don’t miss out this precious chance to connect with the panelists and listen to their experience!
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ASA President Seminar

Date & Time: Dec 9 (Friday), 2pm (Seminar); 3pm (Reception)


Location: MPA 310 (Seminar); Rome 771 (Reception).

Title: One Community: Informing Decisions and Driving Discovery
Speaker: Dr. Dionne Price (FDA, ASA President)
Speaker Short Bio: Dionne Price is the Deputy Director of the Office of Biostatistics in the Office of Translational Sciences, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA. In this role, Dr. Price provides leadership to statisticians involved in the development and application of methodology used in the regulation of drug products. She currently leads cross-cutting, collaborative efforts across FDA to advance and facilitate the use of innovative trial designs in pharmaceutical drug development. Her research interests are focused on the design and analyses of clinical trials, and Dr. Price has co-authored papers in such journals as Statistics in Medicine, Clinical Trials, and Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research. She also has a passion for mentoring and for teaching, having taught courses for the FDA, Trinity University, and Georgetown University. Dr. Price received her MS in Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a PhD in Biostatistics from Emory University. Dr. Price is an active member of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the Eastern North American Region of the International Biometrics Society. She is a Fellow of the ASA and President-Elect of the ASA.

Abstract: The vision of the American Statistical Association imagines a world that relies on data and statistical thinking to drive discovery and inform decisions. The challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic and our community’s significant response reinforced the importance of our innovation, collaboration, and leadership. In this talk, I will highlight our contributions and the activities of the American Statistical Association. I will also explore future opportunities for statisticians and data scientists.

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